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miniReview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Publisher: EA
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Notes: Even though the game is single-player, there’s an online pass in new copies, which unlocks exclusive quests and locations.

The game is a single player, open-world, high fantasy RPG.  After the gorgeous visuals, combat is the best part of the game. There’s a variety of weapons (longswords, chakrams, daggers, etc.), and combat is based on timed button press combos and QTEs, rather than point-and-click attacking.

Standard RPG fare such as crafting, blacksmithing, socketing gems, alchemy, theft, and lock-picking are part of the game.  There are the standard 3 basic job classes (called Destinies) of warrior, rogue, and mage, with hybrids of each.  You’re free to change class as you wish, for a small fee.

Graphics are great, aside from a few minor clipping and bloom issues. There’s eye candy everywhere, from the character abilities and animations to the environments.  The game doesn’t shoot for realistic graphics, and the sheer amount of color everywhere makes Skyrim look especially monochromatic.

Sound effects are typical for a fantasy RPG, and the soundtrack is on par with that.  It doesn’t necessarily shine, but it’s exciting when it needs to be. Voice acting is good, however your character doesn’t speak any dialog which detracts from the story.

The lead designer claims that fully completing the game and all side quests should take around 200+ hours. The main quest is around 40-80 hours depending on your play-style.

Other Stuff:
If you’re looking for an immersive story along the lines of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you aren’t going to find it here.  It doesn’t seem like the results of your quests have much bearing on the world.  The hardest difficulty level seems to be anything but. Character customization is limited to only facial hair and features, tattoos, and jewelry.  There’s only one body type.

Why is it Bara?:
Plenty of swinging big hammers, muscly monsters, facial hair galore, and the occasional big belly…mhmm.

[written by: Grimace]

This game has been having some buzz in the Bara circles, so it was only natural to feature it here! Enjoy the rest of the gallery with Grimace’s created characters!

miniReview: Rochard

Geraldo shares his miniReview of Rochard!

Mini Review: Rochard
Publisher: Recoil Games
Platform: Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Note: There is a demo available on PSN.

It’s a 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements. Your main weapons include a G-lifter and Rockblaster. You’ll use the G-lifter to manipulate gravity and move heavy objects and enemies.

His other gun is mainly used for shooting. I was disappointed with the lack of emphasis on puzzles, I felt their was too much combat. Yet I found Rochard is overly simplistic and fun, I was captivated with its unique gameplay anyone can pick up and play. A bit more balancing both areas wouldn’t have hurt.

Runs smoothly, and the visuals are pleasing to the eye.

Rochard’s voice-acting is superb! The soundtrack was quite upbeat, I enjoyed it.

Rich with humor and personality. Plenty of collectibles, few upgrades and some trophies.

Why is it Bara?:
Let me see? Well, you play as John Rochard, an astro-miner, who happens to be a bear daddy. C’mon, just look at that beer belly!

[written by Gerardo L. Santiago]

Gayming with Soul Calibur 5

Glorious chest hair porn!

So we’ve been playing Soul Calibur 5 for a few days now, checking out the various modes and customization features. Overall the game is pretty difficult.

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Mailbag #5: Enslaved Hard Drive

It’s mailbag day! Let’s see what our friends asked!

But first, I recently had a hard drive failure, which probably occurred because it was overheating while playing a game on the bed. So I’ve elected to purchase a laptop cooler and monitor the hard drive temperature more often. Although I lost most of my stuff,  the bara game was salvaged, with some progress lost, but nothing major.  Luckily most of the contest entries are online so that stuff is saved. So because of this I have to redo the entire SR3 podcast and push it back further.

The next games in the lineup are Soul Calibur 5 and  and SSX 2012, and Enslaved with another BaraGaming night on Xbox. I asked Grimace to cover Kingdoms of Alamur and Mass Effect 3 since it’s full of bara goodness!

I have a few gayming articles in the pipeline that should be up this month, and a baragamer interview with Kranxa. So even with a HD crash, we go right back to work on the same day.

vatolobo asked: So who is the man behind the site, and what do you look like?  What about a short bio of yourself?

Me?! Due to feedback I changed the site’s focus from less personal topics to more gaming articles and gamers who make up the Bara Gaymer community. But if you really must know, I’m a student who just started the  network administration field who’s slowly learning the inner workings of Linux. I’ve been blogging since I started college many many years ago and created some popular blogs in their own niche. I recently started game blogging translating Japanese into English talking about one particular game to the tiniest detail. From here on, I plan to retire some blogs because they are a bit time consuming and work on smaller sites.

BaraGamer was started to fill a void in the gamer community. If women can wear revealing outfit in video games and game conventions, why can’t men? We are here to supplement (but not replace) the other gaymer sites around as we will focus on videogames they can’t really discuss in detail due to pornography and such. This site is also bear and beard lover friendly and we encourage them to visit too!

Mike suggested: This is Monkey from the game Enslaved. I’m obsessed.

Me too! Don’t worry I haven’t ignored your request, I want to actually record this game myself so… you know… I can do my own screencaps and sexy scenes. There’s also a chubby guy in the game I see. :3


The next Bara Daddy “Joel” in the Last of Us!

Scrax suggested: Check out Naughty Dog’s new post-apocalyptic daddy.  I approve!

Oh Naughty Dog!  I never really noticed them until the whole what if Drake is gay articles started popping up.  I don’t think I can cover this game with it on PS3, but if anyone else wants to take screenshots, and a mini review send them in!


Bara Character: Sweet Tooth


Now it’s time for something really different, a guest post by: Exovedate

The character Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) has gone through many different design variations throughout Twisted Metals long history. In 2012’s Twisted Metal we’ll be seeing the homicidal clown depicted as a muscular power bear, looking to slaughter Dollface, the “one that got away…”

It’s easy to brush over Sweet Tooth’s new look, as Sweet Tooth’s depiction in Twisted Metal Black has eased us into the Ps3’s upcoming Twisted Metal, which is nearly identical, with the exception of Black’s more plump version of the serial killing clown (who’s seen on the right).

But now Sweet Tooth has become my all time favorite video game (or pop-culture in general) bear, keep reading for many more pictures of this intimidatingly sexy large, and in charge human butcher.

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BaraGamer Contest #2

Hey folks! We’ve decided to announce the next BaraGamer Contest. The goal is to create a bara, bear, or masculine character. Doesn’t matter how skinny or chubby they are, just create someone who fits the theme of this site. The winner receives up to $30 value game card from the contest page. So if you wanted that fabulous 1-of-a-kind outfit or your game subscription time is running out, I’ll be paying for your subscription for you.

Any game, 3d creation program, or avatar software that allows you to create your own character is allowed in this contest. The use of mods and photo manipulation is allowable as well. Go and make your dream guy!

Contest ends February 24th, 2012


BaraGamer Example

The contest winners will be decided by a combination of judges and active BaraGamer followers which will tally up the score to see who wins first prize. Votes can be sent in by current tumblr and twitter followers when voting starts.

Although anyone in the world can enter the contest, please keep in mind that these game cards are purchased within the U.S territory. Some game services will not allow foreign territory codes in their respective country. For example, if you are in Europe and use the European Playstation Network, a U.S PSN card code will not work there. You would have to sign into a U.S Playstation Network account, and purchase games from there.

Game codes are either emailed to  you or sent to tumblr/twitter messaging services. You will need to have a valid email address or tumblr/twitter username to contact you with the code.

You must be 18 years or older to enter the contest!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Do I need to follow BaraGamer to enter the contest?
A. No, followers only vote on submitted entries.

Q. Can I use (insert game title here) in the contest?
A. Yes, as long as the game lets you customize the visual appearance of your character.

Q. What games do you recommend for this contest?
A. Skyrim, Oblivion, The Sims, SWTOR, Final Fantasy XIV, TERA, WoW, most online games lets you customize a character.

Q. Can I use mods on my character?
A. Yes, mods are acceptable.

Existing Entrants

If you ever submitted a character to BaraGamer between the last contest and this one you are also entered into this contest.


  • Kor by Werebear (on file)
  • ggeeooffff (tumblr on file)
  • Yeotaan/orc/Daamenqin by Captain Bonertopia (tumblr on file)
  • Demonic Daddy by Mike (fb on file)*
  • CrimsonBlood (on file)
  • Xiusk (on file)
  • Grimace (on file)
  • Sevionus (on file)
  • tokume (tumblr on file)
  • Fabrissou (tumblr on file)
  • ultramooz x2(on file)
  • Gazrj (on file)
  • vatolobo (tumblr on file)
  • Makoto Tsugiru (on file)
  • frugtug (on file)
  • tony (on file)
  • esau (on file)
  • andyY (fb on file)
  • hetuurobscuur (tumblr on file)

If you are missing from this list just comment below.

miniReview: Age of Zombies

Today, Bomber does a guest game review of Age of Zombies:

Meet Barry Steakfries! You may have seen him in games like “Jetpack Joyride”, or “Monster Dash.” But none of that matters. All that matters is.. He’s a bonafide badass!

  • Game: Age of Zombies
  • Publisher: Halfbrick
  • Platform iOS/Android/PSPmini
  • Price: Free ~ 4.99
  • Notes: There’s an “Anniversary Edition” only on iOS, featuring Retina Display Graphics, new powerups, and weapons, and new stages. A Lite version is also available.

It’s a two-stick shooter. One virtual joystick controls movement, and one controls aiming. Each stage has you kill wave after wave of zombies with various guns, like SMG’s, shotguns, miniguns, and bazooka’s. You can also find pickups like grenades and mines. It still manages to be pretty dang fun.

The 2D Graphics are a nice throwback to the old school era.

The sound effects aren’t too bad, but I think you’ll love the awesomely bad voice work done for the zombies. Hearing them cry out for brains never gets old. The music is good, too.

For a game that’s under 10 bucks, yeah there’s replayability. Aside from achievements, there’s a Survival Mode with several different maps, leaderboards from OpenFeint, and Game Center on iOS.

Other Stuff:
The dialogue is pretty funny, lot’s of great one-liners and quotes.

Why is it Bara?:
Just look at Barry Steakfries. And, tell me that isn’t manly. Go on. I dare you.

Now just because this game has been around for a while doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s a really fun, simple game. And I think you’ll guys like it.

[written by: bomber]

Saints Row 3 Removing The Mosaic Blur

Well it’s sort of a male nude mod, but it just removes the annoying censor in the PC version of Saints Row the Third. The process is done by unpacking the shader files, editing their contents, then packing them back in. I followed these instructions from a forum to make it work in the Initiation Station. Basically you overwrite the shader files used for the mosaic and replace them with blank versions. The instructions are on this site.

The shader files used in the full version may not work in the Initiation Station. So instead I’ve provided my file that works with this version. So please choose which files apply to you.

  • Download Shaders for either Saints Row 3 OR Initiation Station.
  • Navigate to the folder below where  Steam is installed.
  • ..\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third (initiation station)\packfiles\pc\cache
  • Overwrite shaders.vpp_pc then start your game.

I haven’t seen anyone step up to the table yet and create a penis mod. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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Mailbag #4: Create, Play, Bara

Hello! It’s time for the mail that never fails! Let’s see what our friends sent us!

Anonymous asked: “Not only do I like your blog (haha I found it) but I also am OBSESSED with you secretly. I think you like me too and you were always too shy to admit it…”

Wait how did this get here? Oops, Spam is going to the trash!

Anonymous asked: “The videogamesmademegay Tumblr mentioned a game called Meat Log Mountain, which is an explicit dating sim. Of interest?”

Yes I’ve heard of it, I haven’t been able to get around to playing it, but I’ll try to sometime in the future. Meat Log Mountain is a human/furry dating sim game where the majority of the cast are pretty much all bara and bear characters. I think it’s a total fit for this blog.

Comicsins asked: I love your blog and your site! I was curious if you had any resources for 3D smut art? I loved the Sims3 posing tutorial. Anything more allong those lines? I’ve got Daz3D but no idea how to make my gay bara dreams come true haha. Also a 2nd request, any 2D “How to Craw Bara” resources? Google tells me nothing! I suspect Google is hoarding all the good bara secrets…

Daz3D is program where you can set up 3d scenes and characters. The problem with Daz3d is how much money everything costs. You have to buy (or acquire through some other means…) characters and props and poses, which can get quite expensive really fast. Daz3d has the tools for you to apply your own original creations, but if you aren’t good with texturing or morphing body shapes, you are kind of out of luck. I recommend acquiring Michael 4 or The Freak 4.

Soto's Freak 4 Renders are Baralicious

The Freak 4 is actually very muscular and bara friendly to play around with. If you are purchasing, check for the packs that includes the penis bundled with it. Now the great thing about the Sims 2 and 3 is that the poses are free and you can quickly apply them to your character.

But I’m not an expert on these programs so I may refer you to Sevionus who uses these programs and maybe he’ll have more incite into getting the things you need.

As for drawing Bara, I don’t see many artists doing tutorials. I would really love for some of these Japanese artists to post some tips but I can’t recall of any. Maybe if this site grows bigger we could commission some artists to create tutorials on drawing. In the meantime Yaoi Gallery at times bara artists there may do tutorials, like KamuiJack.

Anonymous wroteNot really a question. I found your site and now I follow it on my rss feed, its awesome what your doing here I’m a gaymer and just wanted to let you know this site is awesome. Keep up the good work, mike 25 from sc.

Thanks Mike! BaraGamer strives to make hot beefy characters in video games. In fact one of the first BaraGamer characters created was all the way back in 2004 when Def Jam Fight for NY came out. The best place in that game was where your fighter strips down to their undies so you can place their tattoos. 😉

Anonymous asked: Where would I buy some bara games from?

There’s a few places, besides Meat Log Mountain and Sugar Shooter 2, there’s also Rainbow Shoppers, click the CD-ROM Games section to purchase games there.

BaraGamer is continuing its first Bara RPGMaker Game called “Oh my Goodness Davita Devaugn”. A turn-based battle and romance comedy RPG where you choose a love interest among one of three guys, and one very persistent girl. When each of the three guys have personal issues with each other, what drama could unfold?

Concept Releasing: 2012

BaraGamer: Cub-Buns


Today’s baraGamer interview is with Cub-Buns. He recently discovered the wonderful world of Bara. Plus he shares his thoughts on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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