miniReview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Publisher: EA
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Notes: Even though the game is single-player, there’s an online pass in new copies, which unlocks exclusive quests and locations.

The game is a single player, open-world, high fantasy RPG.  After the gorgeous visuals, combat is the best part of the game. There’s a variety of weapons (longswords, chakrams, daggers, etc.), and combat is based on timed button press combos and QTEs, rather than point-and-click attacking.

Standard RPG fare such as crafting, blacksmithing, socketing gems, alchemy, theft, and lock-picking are part of the game.  There are the standard 3 basic job classes (called Destinies) of warrior, rogue, and mage, with hybrids of each.  You’re free to change class as you wish, for a small fee.

Graphics are great, aside from a few minor clipping and bloom issues. There’s eye candy everywhere, from the character abilities and animations to the environments.  The game doesn’t shoot for realistic graphics, and the sheer amount of color everywhere makes Skyrim look especially monochromatic.

Sound effects are typical for a fantasy RPG, and the soundtrack is on par with that.  It doesn’t necessarily shine, but it’s exciting when it needs to be. Voice acting is good, however your character doesn’t speak any dialog which detracts from the story.

The lead designer claims that fully completing the game and all side quests should take around 200+ hours. The main quest is around 40-80 hours depending on your play-style.

Other Stuff:
If you’re looking for an immersive story along the lines of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you aren’t going to find it here.  It doesn’t seem like the results of your quests have much bearing on the world.  The hardest difficulty level seems to be anything but. Character customization is limited to only facial hair and features, tattoos, and jewelry.  There’s only one body type.

Why is it Bara?:
Plenty of swinging big hammers, muscly monsters, facial hair galore, and the occasional big belly…mhmm.

[written by: Grimace]

This game has been having some buzz in the Bara circles, so it was only natural to feature it here! Enjoy the rest of the gallery with Grimace’s created characters!

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