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BaraGamer: Queerrilla

queerrilla 4

New Italian BaraGamer Interview!

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Fate Zero Iskandar is Hunky

Updated October 16th

Oh but didn’t we already feature Iskandar? Yes, but now that Fate/Zero anime premiered this month, we get to see him in his animated form. Although I’m not incredibly happy with the way his face was designed, his body is still pretty gorgeous.

And here’s his foot if you like that kinda thing.

Recently I had to write a little article about the Fate series but I was confused about each character having the same name, not realizing they were different people. So even though¬† Iskandar is referred to as Rider, there’s also another Rider who looks nothing like him.

So I decided to jump head in, and I have to say it’s OK. I know a lot of people obsess over the series but it’s too early in to know how long I’ll continue to watch. I think I do like the aspect of having characters from ancient times trying to adapt in the modern world. But with this show I feel as if you’ll have to watch the previous series to understand some of the characters.

The animation is done by ufotable, a name I’m pretty familiar with since they did Tales of Xillia.

I also have to say, watching this on Nico Nico was pretty hilarious. Nico Nico has this thing where comments show up at the specific time you sent it. So when Waver (the guy in black in the screenshot above) gets bitch slapped by Iskandar, someone wrote, “Chris Brown left a bad influence.”


And speaking of Iskandar, he’s the daddy character, full of pride, strong, and wants to conquer everything. I think he pretty much fits in with the Bara type casting, so I guess I’ll primarily watch scenes featuring him. Sorry I’m not interested in the loli characters, they’re everywhere already.

Oh you don’t have to stare..

So the third episode gives some slight fan service in that Iskandar’s muscles are exposed. In addition, he gets a little bit too close to comfort to Waver. I’m not sure if that was intentional for a certain fan base.

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Gayming with Fable 3

Giles cap

After my friend saw my character, he said I was so predictable. :3

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Mailbag #3: Broken Links and RPGs

Anonymous Asked: I love your Sim Daniel Devaugn and wanted to download it, but the file was deleted, so I’m trying to create my own nude sim-bear using your tips.Just a correction; the cheat is “disableclothingfilter on”, from AwesomeMod or Twallan’s Mod.


Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize the cheat was specifically activated by the mod. To make it easier to find downloads on this site, there will be a downloads tab at the top of the site. We’ll fix the links soon.


Just because the guy you liked wasn’t chosen doesn’t mean he won’t show up in the game. They just won’t be the main love interests, but I’m sure you can keep talking to them and maybe something will happen.

I’m working on characterizations for the three chosen, and my friend is working on the maps. Plus now that a certain Japanese game got pushed back I can work on the game more often.

So far I have worked on battle strategies to make sure you won’t keep pressing Enter Enter Enter in battles. I know that’s always a common complaint in RpgMaker games. Also we will not be using random encounters, cause nobody likes those things. You will see enemies on the map. Some of them will try to run into you.


If I contacted you about doing a BaraGamer interview, you’ll get the email soon. The interview doesn’t show up right away when you’re finished though, it’s based on the amount of posts from the last interview.

If you want to do a baragamer interview you can use the Submit form. You don’t need to look Bara at all, but it does require a picture of yourself or a bara character you made.

I have 1 interview to extend and 2 new ones to finish.


BaraGamer: Tim


He plays Dead Island too!

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Bara RPGMaker

So we asked Tumblr if they would be OK with a RPG game with Bara characters and No Nudity. The response went pretty good, so next we asked them to choose three guys out of the list of faces above. So here’s the results!

So there you have it, three guys to choose from. The one in the middle was chosen the most. I’ll have to develop their personalities and come up with a system of coercion.

Actually a demo of this game was made already in the past but only had a straight option. You would play as a girl and the girl shown as the straight option would be your antagonist/frenemy. By having a girl as the main character, we established a passive aggressive relationship between them.

However, now that this game has a male main character, we’d have to change her characterization around. So instead she’s more aggressive in acquiring your love, and by default all options would lead towards her. She’s very persistent, and if you choose to ignore her advances, she’ll do everything in her power to change that outcome.

If you have any ideas you’d like to add to the project, drop me a comment!

  • Game: Oh My Goodness Davita Devaugn
  • Genre: BARA RPG/Romance/Dating Game
  • Demo (Proof Of Concept) Release: 2012
  • Music: Jazzy
  • Graphics: Closet and FSM



BaraGamer: Ghoat

AMG! Ghoat!

The winner of the 1st BaraGamer contest now has his own spot on the site.

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SimSocializing with BaraGamers

Aaah! Did you feel that earthquake? OH MY GOSH! So today we take a look at a non-Bara game, due to their being only one body type. We sincerely hope they would add some meat to their bodies, but that’s probably something far off.


Ah yes we’ve made it to the Sim Social which has taken up practically all our time, it’s a huge time sink, filled to the brim with bugs. But due to our nostalgia with The Sims 1, and how this game is the only one that brings that style with HQ graphics, we’re pretty much addicted to this game.


The most odd thing about this game is the way my bara friends created their characters. It’s like we were all thinking the same ideas of making an attractive man. Tan + Brown/Black Hair + Beard, that’s the entire Bara formula.

Even had a buddy mention how all of us look like we’re going to the same salon. Seriously!

Being a Sims player for practically¬† all my life, I find this game very limiting. You can’t just buy a couch, you have to build it. You can’t just buy a room, you need to bug your facebook friends and force them to respond. You need to find materials to level up skills which can take a considerably long time to find.

Did we mention how much we hate this damn girl!

The one thing we absolutely hate is when Barbara shows up and has to inform you that you’ve run out of energy. Yes Barbara, we know!

But for those who haven’t played the game it goes like this. In order to do actions that affect your growth in the game (relationships, skills, experience points), you need to spend energy. You are given a small amount of energy which you can easily spend in a matter of minutes. Every five minutes you get ONE energy point. You can also refill energy by asking friends.

But because of how addicting this game is, and how often you’ll see Barbera, she’s become an inside meme here at BaraGamer:

  • Sorry, I can’t make the bed because I don’t have the ENERGY to do it.
  • Sure I’d help you fix the stove, if I had the ENERGY.
  • Not tonight darling, I don’t have the ENERGY.

Oh and don’t get us started on the bugs. You can request someone to become friends or build a room, but the requests don’t show up after you’ve accepted them. Or at times you may get responses way after you actually need them.

But in all with all it’s glaring faults we find the game to be charming in it’s own way. So if you’d like to friend me let me know!

BaraGamer: Mattokenzi

Mountain Dew

Brand spankin new interview, with a twist!

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BaraGames: WrestleFight

wrestle fight

So today we take a look at the Wrestle Fight Demo, which was released sometime in January but exclusively for Comket attendees. Recently the Web demo was released to the public, it’s shorter than the comiket version but you at least get some scenes.

WrestleFight was created by Yojohonteki who was the original creator of the rugby romance simulation game Katekyo. Wrestle Fight takes place in the same universe as that game including some very familiar faces. WrestleFight is a raising simulation/card battle game.

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