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Cute Asian Zangief Cosplay

Zangief Cosplay at Comiket

I couldn’t resist! It was the cutest thing ever! Today we’re going to add a new post category called “Bara Cosplay” so in the future if you’d like to share yours or you found any, you can SUBMIT one and it will be added to the list.

[submitted by Vincent, via  yukix]

Hairy Kratos Cosplay

By the gods! This Kratos cosplay is from sexy gaymer Dartrath, who has even more sexy pics on his twitter. If you have any bara cosplay pictures you’d like to send in, click the Submit button now!

Our Favorite from the Edmund and Tommy Nude Art Contest

Happy New Year everyone! So this is kinda late but the contest winners to draw Team Meat nude were chosen. It’s an interesting contest to say the least since it’s not everyday you see game developers nude (Although maybe that’s a good thing). Some people were disgusted by the whole thing, but Rule 34 exists on the Internet after all. I hope they hold more contests like this in the future.

Other than Fabrissou’s entry there was another entry that caught our eye.

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A Bigger Skyrim Nude Mod

Skyrim Nude Mod (3)

Feeling inadequate ever since you took an arrow to the knee? Want to increase that certain part of the male anatomy? Well try out this new Male Nude Mod for Skyrim created by Sundracon.

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Draw Edmund McMillen Nude!


If you draw him nude and win you get a Wacom Tablet!

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Cuddly Fuzzies

Can’t forget about the bears!

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Maybe I should do a gamer interview with him.

Logan in the Pool

Well I do declare, this might be the first Logan rule 34.

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Border Land

Personally, I never liked any of the Borderlands 1 characters, but this might change my mind.

By the way, I think Dead Island comes out today.

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Bears in the Woods Comic

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So we’ve been doing only videogames for the past few weeks but this is also a bear site.  So let’s highlight some and then we’ll go back to videogames. Beefy Blimps drew this 4 page comic. Not sure how to describe it. But he said to reblog it, so here it is! Plus I have a thing for interracial, (although technically..)