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Phantastical Speedos Online

This week we take a brief look at a year since PSO2’s release to see how things are shaping up for male outfits. To give some perspective, initially during PSO2’s summer release, females were given a titillating sexy bikini while males were confined to these bulky summer shorts. It was very perplexing — how could they squander on such an obvious opportunity?

A few weeks later Sega released a player survey allowing one to request their desires for the game. Me and a few others took advantage of this, leapt forth to our keyboards and in a huff wrote an angry— er.. calm rational request demanding bikinis for all. Several months later our prayers were answered…

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Saints Row 4: Body Hair Mod

Saints Row 4 Body Hair mod

While Saints Row 4 has massive amounts of character customization, it’s somewhat strange to see an aspect like body hair missing from male characters. This small mod intends to fix this problem by giving the male boss thick and rich body hair to proudly show off.

Maintained by Guest Contributor: Arioh

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Saints Row 3: Male Stripper Mod

Providing equal fanservice to the Saints Row community comes a new mod that places men in the strip club. Now when you head downtown, or enter a strip club and hangout, the game will generate a select pool of male NPCs who will dance provocatively for your viewing pleasure. This mod is slightly more explicit than the video suggests and it is recommended that you download the nude mod before installing.

Male Strip Club Saints Row 3

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Bara FFXIV: ARR Beta Gallery: Homoerotic Edition

FFXIV Gay Cuddle

Continuing on from where we left off, we had the pleasure of meeting this interesting fellow who liked to “hump” guys in their underwear.  He sat down on one of the railings and everyone joined in for a cuddle party.

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Bara Gaming with FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (Phase 3 Beta)


So I had the pleasure of playing Final Fantasy XIV Phase 3 beta these past two weekends. Though it may have gorgeous graphics and dialogue rich in style and eloquence, there were still parts of it that felt… dated.


Character Creation Process


We’re mainly going to focus on two races, the Hyur (the run of the mill humans in the world of Eorzea) and the Roegadyn (a hulking beast; the Galka’s spiritual successor.)

Roegadyn Clan Differences

After choosing a race and gender you must decide between two clans, each with distinct features. For Roegadyns, the Sea Wolves clan have green/blue tinged bodies, while the Hellguards have shades of brown and red.

Hyur Clan Differences

Hyurs on the other hand have dramatic differences in face and body structure. Midlanders are thinner, with boyish features; Highlanders are older, with bushy mustaches and beards.

Hyur Highlander Hairstyle Options

Highlander Hairstyle Options

Each race has a wide assortment of hairstyles to choose from; some modern, some unique, with the usual over emphasized anime hair.

Ryog Face B

Facial customization options includes scars, beards, mustaches, bandages, and beauty marks. Unfortunately, some features are only available to a specific face type.


Once your character is finalized, you have to choose a class which also determines the starting city. This means you’ll have to coordinate both the server and class to join up with your friends. That’s not to say you can’t visit them in other cities, just that you’ll have to be strong enough to survive the perilous trek of high level areas.

Quests and Battle System

Roegadyn Shirtless

There’s no doubt about it, Square-Enix once again hits the nail in the graphics department! Each area feels unique, bursting with high amounts of detail. However, the lack of skin texture is unsettling, especially at night.

FFXOV RR Crpss Hotbar

But alas the combat system, the weakest area of the game. You are basically locked onto one enemy who can still hit you even outside of its attack range. This combat style—which was all the rage in the last two decades—seems a bit dated now.  Most of the action is performed through “weaponskills” you can chain to unleash devastating combos.  For instance, certain weaponskills in the Puglist class are only available during a specific stance,  (the game refers to stances as “forms.”) Transitioning through each form allows the player the option to activate the next skill in the chain. Most of the time you’ll be performing the same three chain combos over and over until you level high enough to unlock a new skill.

There’s hardly a reason to move during combat, you can essential stay in position and mash the same skillset combos all day. Thankfully, at higher levels, enemies will perform AOE skills, making the battle system more challenging.

AOE attack

AOE enemy skills are a nice change of pace!

You only have a few seconds to move outside of the ring before all hell breaks loose and a status effect added for good measure. Unfortunately my time in the beta was short and I was unable to experience other unique forms of enemy skills.

Roegadyn Bara

Fetch quests, fetch quests everywhere!  Your life in Eorzea is that of a servant who must gather and deliver items to NPCs in the most obscure locations. Even then, once you’re out on the field, you still must travel for miles and miles to a new NPC who’ll happily point you in another direction.


FATES are another type of quest that players can join instantly by traveling to certain locations on the map. A FATE, or Full Active Time Event, lets players collectively fight against a common enemy but only for a limited time. While these may be the most entertaining, their random appearances across the map makes it sometimes difficult to join.

Gil Turtle

Instanced quests are the most rewarding among all. The Duty Finder sets you up with three other randomly selected players to battle monsters in an enclosed field. Though most of the quests are straightforward, there was one particular case where you had to lure a giant turtle to sleep by burning some herbs. This is probably the best way to gain exorbitant amounts of money and EXP in a short amount of time.

Crafting and Clothing

Crafting System Leatherworker

I dabbled a bit in the crafting system to see what all the fuss was about. My party took a detour to Gildania to join the Leatherworker’s Guild. Leatherworkers, like other crafting specialties, are a class in of themselves. When joining the guild, you’ll receive an item that when equipped will reset your character back to level 1. Don’t worry, since weapons are tied to the class level, you can switch back to where you left off.

Crafting Menu

In the leatherworker class, you can tailor an article of clothing using store bought materials. Unfortunately, the monotonous crafting system makes it more of a chore more than anything. At higher levels, you get additional skills that can improve the quality and durability of said item. But then it will still take quite a bit of time before you reach a level high enough to craft products suitable for the main class.

FFXIV Hard Leather Subligar Black

As for the outfits themselves, there’s a few clothing options I recommend for the more fanservicey characters. I highly suggest getting the Hard Leather Subligar, which is equippable at level 12. You can find them in the shops or as a quest reward.

Hempen Undershirt and Underpants

During my party’s travels, we met a peculiar fellow who you’ll meet a bit in the next post. He showed us that by dyeing the Hempen Undershirt and Hempen Underpants, we could unintentionally create some BDSM gear.

But as with most of the quests in this game, learning how to dye was a bit of a pain. You have to be level 15, purchase some orange juice from Katherine in Ul’dah, then go all the way to Western Thanalan to complete a quest. The fact that this is the only place in the entire game to initiate said quest seems quite odd to me personally.

Roegadyn and Hyur Shirtless

Well aside from its flaws, FFXIV was still engaging. I don’t believe its worth the monthly subscription at this point, but at least it has plenty of content to keep players busy for months to come. In the next post we’ll explore the steamier side of FFXIV, until next time…

[Some Photos Courtesy of Kenneth]

Bara Games and Manga Releases for March 2013

Below is a selection of Bara Manga and Games released during the month of March, 2013. The list is currently compromised of only Japanese works, but in the future, we plan to cover international games and comics too.

Category Description:

  • JP Name: Original Japanese Name
  • Title: Translated or Romanized Japanese Title (*see note*)
  • Date: Release Date
  • Genre: Chubby/Muscular/Game/Art/Manga/
  • Circle: Artist’s Group



JP Name: 淫臭地帯 (上)
Title: Raunchy Smell Zone [?]
Date: March 30th
Genre: Chubby / Hypnosis / Manga
Circle: Manji Studio

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We need Bara Norns!

Surprisingly, there appears to be a lack of beefy male norns floating around the internet. It’s quite interesting considering the race itself is naturally of the Jiraiya muscle bear build. We’d expect most players in the Bara community would flock to them but it looks as if the Charrs are winning. So we’re requesting our followers to submit their Norns  even if they don’t play as them.

Also we’re introducing two gay friendly Guild Wars 2 guilds if you’re looking to team up with like-minded individuals:

  • Pirate Bears (Bear Guild)
  • RTGC (LGBT Guild)

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Me and My Magical Boyfriends (Bara Game) is Free!

Me and My Magical Boyfriends

Bara Game: Me and My Magical Boyfriends
Written by: Senga Migiri
Art by: Go Fujimoto’

Download Mirror

Senga Migiri has announced the game “Me and My Magical Boyfriends” can now be downloaded for free! It’s exactly the same version as the one released in stores.

The game may have a problem starting up correctly since it is not supported by current operating systems. Before launching the game, make sure you have your system locale set for Japanese language. You can find this in the Language settings in Control Panel. To prevent it from crashing, right click on or.exe, and enable  Windows XP Compatibility mode.


Me and My Magical Boyfriends

Boyfriends: Brai, Rikiohmaru, Takeru, and Tilt!

Me and My Magical Boyfriends stars Simba, a magician in training; searching for love. Using the Spellbook of Almagest in hopes of acquiring a boyfriend, he accidentally summons four men from different worlds. With inspections approaching within a month, if Simba doesn’t return them home in time, he may be forced to renounce his magicianship.

You can download it free here!

But that’s not all, what’s so Magical about this release is that now you can mod it to your hearts content!

Me and My Magical Boyfriends Usage Terms:

  • You can use it to make a fan movie.
  • You can modify the game and make fan fiction.
  • You can edit the data to add custom scenes.

If you are going to change the title, you must clearly state the original work “Me and My Magical Boyfriends.” Aside from that, you’re not allowed to profit off of it.

This is pretty surprising considering how restrictive Japanese eroge developers are! Well good luck and happy modding!

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Bara Game: Specie and Chimera: First Details

Game: Specie and Chimera
Status: In development

Back in December, Senga Migiri announced a new game titled Specie and Chimera. The main protagonist was dispatched by a public works company to help restore a zoo that was once forced to shut down due to financial troubles. This will mainly be a solo project for Senga Migiri, whom, aside from the music, will be handling the art, programming, and storytelling.


Specie and Chimera

The characters from left to right, excluding the horse are:

  • Tadashi (Main Protagonist & New Zoo Director)
  • Mitora (Species [Purebreds] Researcher)
  • Yousuke (Bird Researcher)
  • Ketas/Cetus
  • Souma
  • Ryuma (Chimera [Hybrids] Researcher)
  • Baku (Former Zoo Director)

Most of their names allude to an animal or chimera, like ‘Hawk’ in Yousuke’s name, or ”Dragon’ in Ryu’s. As for that one creepy dude, his name is Yamada, he’s a janitor who always wears this horse mask for some reason. This should make for some awkward but interesting cut-scenes.

No release date given, but we’ll have more details about the game once a demo is released.


Specie and Chimera Concept

Congrats, it’s our first major post in the Bara News category!  We’ve finally discovered a way to keep track of any bara manga/game releases from Japan. Starting March, we’ll post a list of the latest Bara releases every month.

Gayming with Tekken Tag 2: Fundoshi Edition

Agh! We finally got our hands on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So you know what that means? More spanking videos!


Tekken has its own stream of baralicious guys from the big and beefy muscle brute “Marduk” to the lean, fit body of “Baek”. Unlike Soul Calibur 5, you can not create your own custom characters. You can however customize most of the main characters who are all instantly available from the start.

Initially, certain characters and stages were locked away only to be released as free DLC  months after the game’s release. One DLC in particular, the “Big Bikini Bundle,” was only available to those who pre-ordered the game. Since that bundle allows male characters to wear a fundoshi, we waited a bit until it was finally released for free in December.

Tekken Miguel Fundoshi

Now mostly everyone has access to the fundoshi.

It’s great that the fundoshi allows you to see the character’s butt cheek,  but they come with these annoying jika-tabi (they look like socks) which you can’t ever take off.

Tekken Bruce Fundoshi

The Fundoshi is available in three colors, red, black, and white, with no option to change their colors. The only other revealing outfit for males is the “Shirtless” and  “Wrestling Bottoms” with boots; again no barefoot option.

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