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Mailbag #6: The Lumberjack Bear Game

Anonymous asked:

I’ve been looking for a certain bear-themed yaoi game. I can’t recall its name, but since you seem more than cognisant about bears in video games, I thought I’d ask you. I specifically remember one screen shot showing a bearish woodcutter. Ring any bells?

There’s only one game that comes to mind.

His name is Harry, and he’s a lumberjack in the game Meat Log Mountain.

Unless you are talking about a different game?

Mailbag #5: Enslaved Hard Drive

It’s mailbag day! Let’s see what our friends asked!

But first, I recently had a hard drive failure, which probably occurred because it was overheating while playing a game on the bed. So I’ve elected to purchase a laptop cooler and monitor the hard drive temperature more often. Although I lost most of my stuff,  the bara game was salvaged, with some progress lost, but nothing major.  Luckily most of the contest entries are online so that stuff is saved. So because of this I have to redo the entire SR3 podcast and push it back further.

The next games in the lineup are Soul Calibur 5 and  and SSX 2012, and Enslaved with another BaraGaming night on Xbox. I asked Grimace to cover Kingdoms of Alamur and Mass Effect 3 since it’s full of bara goodness!

I have a few gayming articles in the pipeline that should be up this month, and a baragamer interview with Kranxa. So even with a HD crash, we go right back to work on the same day.

vatolobo asked: So who is the man behind the site, and what do you look like?  What about a short bio of yourself?

Me?! Due to feedback I changed the site’s focus from less personal topics to more gaming articles and gamers who make up the Bara Gaymer community. But if you really must know, I’m a student who just started the  network administration field who’s slowly learning the inner workings of Linux. I’ve been blogging since I started college many many years ago and created some popular blogs in their own niche. I recently started game blogging translating Japanese into English talking about one particular game to the tiniest detail. From here on, I plan to retire some blogs because they are a bit time consuming and work on smaller sites.

BaraGamer was started to fill a void in the gamer community. If women can wear revealing outfit in video games and game conventions, why can’t men? We are here to supplement (but not replace) the other gaymer sites around as we will focus on videogames they can’t really discuss in detail due to pornography and such. This site is also bear and beard lover friendly and we encourage them to visit too!

Mike suggested: This is Monkey from the game Enslaved. I’m obsessed.

Me too! Don’t worry I haven’t ignored your request, I want to actually record this game myself so… you know… I can do my own screencaps and sexy scenes. There’s also a chubby guy in the game I see. :3


The next Bara Daddy “Joel” in the Last of Us!

Scrax suggested: Check out Naughty Dog’s new post-apocalyptic daddy.  I approve!

Oh Naughty Dog!  I never really noticed them until the whole what if Drake is gay articles started popping up.  I don’t think I can cover this game with it on PS3, but if anyone else wants to take screenshots, and a mini review send them in!


Mailbag #4: Create, Play, Bara

Hello! It’s time for the mail that never fails! Let’s see what our friends sent us!

Anonymous asked: “Not only do I like your blog (haha I found it) but I also am OBSESSED with you secretly. I think you like me too and you were always too shy to admit it…”

Wait how did this get here? Oops, Spam is going to the trash!

Anonymous asked: “The videogamesmademegay Tumblr mentioned a game called Meat Log Mountain, which is an explicit dating sim. Of interest?”

Yes I’ve heard of it, I haven’t been able to get around to playing it, but I’ll try to sometime in the future. Meat Log Mountain is a human/furry dating sim game where the majority of the cast are pretty much all bara and bear characters. I think it’s a total fit for this blog.

Comicsins asked: I love your blog and your site! I was curious if you had any resources for 3D smut art? I loved the Sims3 posing tutorial. Anything more allong those lines? I’ve got Daz3D but no idea how to make my gay bara dreams come true haha. Also a 2nd request, any 2D “How to Craw Bara” resources? Google tells me nothing! I suspect Google is hoarding all the good bara secrets…

Daz3D is program where you can set up 3d scenes and characters. The problem with Daz3d is how much money everything costs. You have to buy (or acquire through some other means…) characters and props and poses, which can get quite expensive really fast. Daz3d has the tools for you to apply your own original creations, but if you aren’t good with texturing or morphing body shapes, you are kind of out of luck. I recommend acquiring Michael 4 or The Freak 4.

Soto's Freak 4 Renders are Baralicious

The Freak 4 is actually very muscular and bara friendly to play around with. If you are purchasing, check for the packs that includes the penis bundled with it. Now the great thing about the Sims 2 and 3 is that the poses are free and you can quickly apply them to your character.

But I’m not an expert on these programs so I may refer you to Sevionus who uses these programs and maybe he’ll have more incite into getting the things you need.

As for drawing Bara, I don’t see many artists doing tutorials. I would really love for some of these Japanese artists to post some tips but I can’t recall of any. Maybe if this site grows bigger we could commission some artists to create tutorials on drawing. In the meantime Yaoi Gallery at times bara artists there may do tutorials, like KamuiJack.

Anonymous wroteNot really a question. I found your site and now I follow it on my rss feed, its awesome what your doing here I’m a gaymer and just wanted to let you know this site is awesome. Keep up the good work, mike 25 from sc.

Thanks Mike! BaraGamer strives to make hot beefy characters in video games. In fact one of the first BaraGamer characters created was all the way back in 2004 when Def Jam Fight for NY came out. The best place in that game was where your fighter strips down to their undies so you can place their tattoos. 😉

Anonymous asked: Where would I buy some bara games from?

There’s a few places, besides Meat Log Mountain and Sugar Shooter 2, there’s also Rainbow Shoppers, click the CD-ROM Games section to purchase games there.

BaraGamer is continuing its first Bara RPGMaker Game called “Oh my Goodness Davita Devaugn”. A turn-based battle and romance comedy RPG where you choose a love interest among one of three guys, and one very persistent girl. When each of the three guys have personal issues with each other, what drama could unfold?

Concept Releasing: 2012

Mailbag #3: Broken Links and RPGs

Anonymous Asked: I love your Sim Daniel Devaugn and wanted to download it, but the file was deleted, so I’m trying to create my own nude sim-bear using your tips.Just a correction; the cheat is “disableclothingfilter on”, from AwesomeMod or Twallan’s Mod.


Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize the cheat was specifically activated by the mod. To make it easier to find downloads on this site, there will be a downloads tab at the top of the site. We’ll fix the links soon.


Just because the guy you liked wasn’t chosen doesn’t mean he won’t show up in the game. They just won’t be the main love interests, but I’m sure you can keep talking to them and maybe something will happen.

I’m working on characterizations for the three chosen, and my friend is working on the maps. Plus now that a certain Japanese game got pushed back I can work on the game more often.

So far I have worked on battle strategies to make sure you won’t keep pressing Enter Enter Enter in battles. I know that’s always a common complaint in RpgMaker games. Also we will not be using random encounters, cause nobody likes those things. You will see enemies on the map. Some of them will try to run into you.


If I contacted you about doing a BaraGamer interview, you’ll get the email soon. The interview doesn’t show up right away when you’re finished though, it’s based on the amount of posts from the last interview.

If you want to do a baragamer interview you can use the Submit form. You don’t need to look Bara at all, but it does require a picture of yourself or a bara character you made.

I have 1 interview to extend and 2 new ones to finish.


Mailbag #2: Black

Anonymous Asked: The bara rpg art looks cool, but WHY U NO MAKE BLACK CHARACTERS?!

Unfortunately the RPG Maker pool of graphics hardly if ever has black characters. But don’t worry, there will be black characters in this game.

But it would be great if those who are more skilled in making rpgmaker graphics would make minority/ethnic characters readily available for others to use them.

Something like this?

Now as for face graphics… oye..

Anonymous asked: Where could I get naked skins for the Tf2 men? thanks!

Over here!

Mailbag #1: Banners

Anonymous Asked: I would like to make a link to baragamer. Do you have a banner I could use?

Sure I just made some today.

120 x 30

120 x 60

120 x 90