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Saints Row 4: Body Hair Mod

Saints Row 4 Body Hair mod

While Saints Row 4 has massive amounts of character customization, it’s somewhat strange to see an aspect like body hair missing from male characters. This small mod intends to fix this problem by giving the male boss thick and rich body hair to proudly show off.

Maintained by Guest Contributor: Arioh

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Saints Row 4: Nude Mod (Mosaic Blur Removal)

Saints Row 4 Mosaic Blur Mod

This is the Saints Row 4 version of the Public Nudity and Nude Mod. It removes the mosaic blur from the player character and several slime covered NPCs, including Shaundi, Matt Miller, and Gat.

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Saints Row 3: Male Stripper Mod

Providing equal fanservice to the Saints Row community comes a new mod that places men in the strip club. Now when you head downtown, or enter a strip club and hangout, the game will generate a select pool of male NPCs who will dance provocatively for your viewing pleasure. This mod is slightly more explicit than the video suggests and it is recommended that you download the nude mod before installing.

Male Strip Club Saints Row 3

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Saints Row 3: Killbane and Nude Oleg Homies

Killbane Twerk

No longer confined to just one mission, you can now take Nude Oleg and Killbane out on a tour of destruction across Steelport. Once installed, just whip out your cellphone and call “Saints Backup” or “Oleg” to let them join your posse.


Killbane Homie

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Saints Row 3: Public Nudity and Nude Mod

                    Click Here for Saints Row 4 Nude Mod

This is an updated version of the previous Mosaic Blur mod, except this time it’s a much smaller file size, easier to uninstall, and makes a minor gameplay change. This nudity mod removes the mosaic blur on your main character and on certain NPCs who will be featured in an upcoming mod.

 Saints Row 3 Public Nudity Mod 2

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Saints Row 3: Up Close and Centered Camera Mod

Saints Row 3 Centered Camera Mod Main

This is the first of several Saints Row 3 mods coming to BaraGamer. This one changes the camera positions so your man is up close and centered, allowing you to take easier snapshots of his bum. Remember back in the day when Lara Croft would sometimes take up the entire screen obstructing the view of danger lurking nearby? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing here. This mod isn’t meant for regular gameplay as you’ll have a harder time navigating buildings in the middle of a dog fight.

Saints Row 3 Mod: Up Close and Centered


  • Place the file contained within the zip file into your Saints Row 3 main directory.
  • For example …\SteamApps\common\saints row the third


  • Changes the camera position so your character is in the center.
  • Makes your character appear closer to the screen.
  • Gives higher camera viewing angles to take full body screenshots.

Our model, Ricky Santiago, will demonstrate the “practical” uses of this mod.

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BaraGamer Character: Robert

Fabrissou wrote: Robert, my SR3 character

Isn’t he studious? We’re going to be posting the rest of the contest entries so we can have a smooth voting process. The voters will choose their favorite characters on tumblr and twitter so we can decide on a winner! The deadline is February 24th which is about  2-3 weeks from now!   This character was created by Fabrissou in Saints Row 3.

The amount of detail placed in Saints Row The Third’s character creator is crazy. You not only can tweak each and every part of your face, but there’s also racial facial structure differences.

BaraGamer Character: Ricky the Stripper

[Import into Saints Row 3]

Today is a short post featuring Saints Row 3 custom character “Ricky The Stripper“. He’ll also be featured in an upcoming video overview of the game in the next podcast. He wears an extremely small purple thong and a purple hat. He is the spiritual descendant of another character from a Japanese online game.

Since Saints Row 3 uses live cutscenes, you get a nice high quality view of your character with facial expressions and dialogue. However the facial expressions themselves do not match up quite well with my character in particular, and very often he has a surprised dazed look on his face.

[gachimuchi/chubby video]

It’s nice to compare how the character looks with different body types. You can download the cutscene above with both body styles.

If you want to download Ricky The Stripper into your own game, login to SaintsRow3 and follow this link. If you lose that link just search for the tag [bara] and he’ll show up. The gallery below has the regular and chubby version of this character featured in the booty dance gif.

Saints Row The Third: Bara Gaming Night

Bara Gaming Night with Grimace

It’s Bara Gaming Night, where we play games online with other Bara fans. Tonight’s videos include Saints Row 3 Genki Co-Op mission and Snatch Co-op.

Professor Genki Super Ethical Reality Climax is a twisted Gameshow where players must complete an obstacle course filled with traps, carnage, and mayhem. Players must shoot enemies to earn bonuses and signboards to increase time.

Snatch is a mission where players must race against the clock to gather as much HOs as possible from the enemy gang. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by gunfire, brutes, and even the police as everyone tries to stop you.

Trafficking is an activity where you must  protect your partner and their dealers from an all around assault from the opposing gang.

Your Gaymer Xbox Live Avatar and Podcast 4

I noticed an interesting thing this past year about my friends list. The bears that were interested in thinner guys had thinner Xbox Live Avatars. I being the slimmer guy had a fatter avatar. I wonder if there’s any correlation.

I’ll admit that he’s poorly dressed. If you want to suggest some clothes for him comment below!

So today’s podcast is not bara related, Aww… It’s pretty much a quick tour of all the new design changes for Xbox Live. Don’t worry, next podcast we’ll play through Saints Row… naked.

2011 Xbox Live Changes

Bara Gaming Night with Len

Or you could watch Co-Op with Len and I shooting up a biker gang.