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Townseed Outfit Design Contest Winners!

Hello! BaraGamer here! Captaingerbear has announced the winners of the Townseed Outfit Design Contest! The winners are as follows:

Waistshirt by Star-Ringer with 150 votes

Leopard by GuardianMoose with 148 votes

Athlete by Ultramooz with 147 votes

And now a message from Captaingerbear:

The top 3 are so close together, that the 1st and 3rd placed entries only had a 3 vote difference between them.  As a result of this, I have decided to award the special prize to all three entrants.  In addition to the finalists, there are two honorable mentions that will receive prizes, one chosen by myself, and one chosen by your Master of Baramonies from

All finalists will receive a +1 preorder for Townseed (meaning that if you already possess a preorder, or purchase one in the future, you will be bumped up one space on the list of preorder bonuses!) and a custom-made USB gamepad with your winning design on it! There will only be ONE of each design produced, so they will be wholly unique! This is of course on top of the design credit, and inclusion of your design as an outfit in the game.

The honorable mentions will still receive the +1 preorder for Townseed, the credit and inclusion of their design.

For the honorable mentions, I have chosen “Sack Pants by Sohajime” and Captain GerBear has chosen “Blue Cowl by Dinohugs.” Contest winners will be contacted through the method they entered the contest. Enjoy your prizes!

Townseed 8bit Funding Page

Townseed Contest Entry Voting


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Here’s an index of all the contest entries for the Townseed Outfit Design Contest. Each entry is assigned a number. When you are ready to vote, click the cast a vote link above.

Townseed Outfit Design Contest

Design a baralicious outfit for Townseed.

BaraGamer and Captain Gerbear are proud to announce a new contest! In this contest you will submit images of outfits for males, whether they are drawings of original designs, or photographs of existing ones.

You can submit designs either through the submit form, or through tumblr. These submissions will be forwarded to Captain Gerbear. After they are voted upon, the top three designs will be converted into male outfits for the game.


Submit your Entries
April 14th through May 15th.

Contest Details

  • Submit images of outfits for males:
    (Drawings or Photographs are acceptable!)
  • Contest Entrants will be voted upon.
  • The top three designs will be added into the game as Male outfits.
  • The winners will also have their names added to the game credits.

Submission Details

  • Outfit submissions don’t necessarily have to be decent, but Captain Gerbear reserves the right to cover the character’s junk in accordance with the style of the outfit.
  • The artist reserves the right to make adjustments to the outfit to fit with the color schemes and anatomy of the game.
  • Outfit submissions which are original designs not belonging to the submitting party will be interpreted as an “inspired by” fashion, meaning that he will change the outfit to avoid infringing on another person’s property.


  • Winners will receive a “One Up” Townseed reward. At the base level they will receive a free copy of the game.
  • If they are already a sponsor at 8-bit Funding or become one in the future, they’ll get a “One Up” at the sponsorship level they are on.


  • You must be 18 years or older to enter this contest.

What is Townseed?

  • Townseed is a survival simulation indie game project. Create a shipwreck survivor in the harsh land of Hell’s Cradle, gather resources and other survivors, build a town, fight off monsters, and help it become a nation anyone would be proud to call home.When, what, and how to advance is totally up to you. The game has regular progress builds posted every week, so get in early and watch the game grow!


Outfit Examples


BaraGamer Contest 2 Voting

Results on Wednesday

Voting Period

  • Voting period ended

How to Vote on Twitter

  • You can pick any amount of entries you want. Type the letters out and reply to @baragamer.
  • Ex: @baragamer ABC

How to Vote on Tumblr

  • You can simply vote on any amount of entries you want by clicking on a picture and clicking the ♥ icon at the top right corner.

Vote Scoring

  • Each voted entry gains +1 points.
  • Each judge vote gains +3 points.


  • One person is allowed to vote on any amount of entries.
  • You can not vote the same entry multiple times.
  • Only active twitter/tumblr users votes are counted. Their account must have been in use before March 12th, 2012 with posts or tweets.
  • Password protected Tumblr or Private Twitter account votes are not counted unless @baragamer is given access.
  • Contest entrants may vote on any entry they choose to including their own.
  • Contest entrants who neither have Twitter nor Tumblr may vote through the method they contacted BaraGamer.

Voting page



  • There is no need to follow the contest page since it will be closed after voting is over.

BaraGamer Contest #2

Hey folks! We’ve decided to announce the next BaraGamer Contest. The goal is to create a bara, bear, or masculine character. Doesn’t matter how skinny or chubby they are, just create someone who fits the theme of this site. The winner receives up to $30 value game card from the contest page. So if you wanted that fabulous 1-of-a-kind outfit or your game subscription time is running out, I’ll be paying for your subscription for you.

Any game, 3d creation program, or avatar software that allows you to create your own character is allowed in this contest. The use of mods and photo manipulation is allowable as well. Go and make your dream guy!

Contest ends February 24th, 2012


BaraGamer Example

The contest winners will be decided by a combination of judges and active BaraGamer followers which will tally up the score to see who wins first prize. Votes can be sent in by current tumblr and twitter followers when voting starts.

Although anyone in the world can enter the contest, please keep in mind that these game cards are purchased within the U.S territory. Some game services will not allow foreign territory codes in their respective country. For example, if you are in Europe and use the European Playstation Network, a U.S PSN card code will not work there. You would have to sign into a U.S Playstation Network account, and purchase games from there.

Game codes are either emailed to  you or sent to tumblr/twitter messaging services. You will need to have a valid email address or tumblr/twitter username to contact you with the code.

You must be 18 years or older to enter the contest!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Do I need to follow BaraGamer to enter the contest?
A. No, followers only vote on submitted entries.

Q. Can I use (insert game title here) in the contest?
A. Yes, as long as the game lets you customize the visual appearance of your character.

Q. What games do you recommend for this contest?
A. Skyrim, Oblivion, The Sims, SWTOR, Final Fantasy XIV, TERA, WoW, most online games lets you customize a character.

Q. Can I use mods on my character?
A. Yes, mods are acceptable.

Existing Entrants

If you ever submitted a character to BaraGamer between the last contest and this one you are also entered into this contest.


  • Kor by Werebear (on file)
  • ggeeooffff (tumblr on file)
  • Yeotaan/orc/Daamenqin by Captain Bonertopia (tumblr on file)
  • Demonic Daddy by Mike (fb on file)*
  • CrimsonBlood (on file)
  • Xiusk (on file)
  • Grimace (on file)
  • Sevionus (on file)
  • tokume (tumblr on file)
  • Fabrissou (tumblr on file)
  • ultramooz x2(on file)
  • Gazrj (on file)
  • vatolobo (tumblr on file)
  • Makoto Tsugiru (on file)
  • frugtug (on file)
  • tony (on file)
  • esau (on file)
  • andyY (fb on file)
  • hetuurobscuur (tumblr on file)

If you are missing from this list just comment below.

BaraGamer July 2011 Contest Winner

Oh hey! Where have I been? Well I was recently featured in Kotaku for another blog. Yikes scary.. Anyway let’s announce the winner for the contest. Three judges (not including me) were selected to vote on each picture that they like the most to least. We tallied up the scores and can now announce the winner to the contest.

Ghoat and Cookie in Final Fantasy XIV

Ghoat and Cookie has selected the iTunes Gift Card which is split $10 between them. The App Storet filled to the brim with games, so have fun and choose your free games.

In second place is Lilikoi’s character from Vindictus, and in close third, Len’s character from Soul Calibur 4. Even though the contest is over you can still submit characters for the next contest, starting around the fall. In addition we have plans to hold a bara art contest where with a prize of art contest $100.  Details will be announced later this year.

See you next time!

BaraGamer July 2011 Contest Entries

Here we are, the July 2011 Contest Entries for the “Create your own Bara in a videogame contest”. One winner will be chosen to receive a $20 game card from the list of available cards. Selected judges will vote from their most favorite to least favorite and those scores will be tallied up to determine the final winner.

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BaraGamer Character: Noa (Contest Entry)

Noa is a character created by Ghoat for entry into the contest.

The contest deadline is approaching fast, but if you win you can receive a $20 game card to help you get those cash items you always longed for.


From the back!

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Create a Bara in a Video Game Contest


Baragamer Contest

Baragamer is holding its first contest. The objective is to create a Bara character using a video game, 3D application, or avatar generator. One out of these three possible examples.

  • Contest Period
    • June 2nd, 2011 through July 15th, 2011 @ 11:59 EST.
  • Contest Entry
    • Submit photos or screenshots of a Bara character you personally created within a game. 3D application, or avatar generator. Please write a brief description about your character and which game or 3d application, or avatar generator it was made from.
    • You may use direct screenshots, camera, or cellphone photo.
    • If you are using a camera or cellphone, the character must be clearly visible.
    • Using Mods on characters is acceptable!
    • Using Photo Manipulation on a screenshot is acceptable!
    • Multiple Entries are accepted!
    • After contest is over, 1 lucky winner will be selected by
    • Winner receives $10 ~ $20 game card out of the list of game cards described below.
  • Featured Submission
    • By submitting to the contest, your character may become featured in a blog post at crediting YOU the creator.
  • Eligible Entrants
    • Contestant must be 18 years or older to enter.
    • Contestants should live within United States, or United States territories, but it’s not required*.
    • Contestant must type a valid email address in the submission form.
    • Without a valid email address, the winner may not be able to receive the serial code in email.
    • *The Game Card’s serial code may not work in your territory if you live outside of the United States. It is up to the winner to discern whether the card will work for a non- U.S game. We are not responsible if the code is not valid for a game outside of the U.S territories.
  • Game Card Criteria
    • A game card allows one to input a serial number to receive credit towards the purchase of in-game store items or online gaming service.
    • The winner will receive the serial number from the card through E-mail.
    • Winner may choose 1 ~ 2 game cards equaling a value of up to $20 and may not go over that amount.
    • For Example: (1) $10 + (1) $10 = $20
    • For Example: (1) $17.95 = $17.95
  • Eligible Game Cards
    • The winner must select cards from this list of Game Cards up to $20 USD (United States Dollars).
    • Ultimate Game Card. Rune Scape 30 Days Access Card. Perfect World Card. Aeria Fun Card. EA Game Card. Sims Store Game Card. Playstation Network Card. Playstation Plus Card. Xbox Live Card. Xbox Live MS Points Card. Nintendo Points 2000.
  • Grand Prize
    • (1) One Winner selects from the list of game cards above up to $20.

The companies in the Eligible Game Card list are not affiliated or owned by This contest is self funded.


Example Work