BaraGamer: Cub-Buns

Today’s baraGamer interview is with Cub-Buns. He recently discovered the wonderful world of Bara. Plus he shares his thoughts on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Tell us about yourself: Well my name is Josh, I am 24 years old. I live in California. I’m currently working toward my degree in Art. I should be done in less then 4 years with my masters! I consider my self to be part of the bear community. As of now, I am a “Pup”, I haven’t ranked enough XP to evolve to a “Cub” ;). I love my sense of humor and everyone that gets it!

Offline Games:  I love love fighting games! I remember playing Marvel Vs Capcom at my local video rental store. I spent a lot of change on that game 🙁 . I kick major ass on Tekken and Soul Calibur.  I also play shooters like Gears of War, I have played horde mode for hours and hours. The online gaming in the 3rd installment is amazing, by far the best in my book.  I play some light RPGs.  I unfortunately have an attention deficit, so I basically can not focus on RPG’s slow turn based battle system. I do enjoy kingdom hearts, I’m a bit of a fan boy : ). Right now I picked up Batman Arkham City, and from what I hear it’s supposed to be pretty dope.

Online Games:  I don’t play much MMOs and RTS, but I do play a lot of console games online! I still play Modern Warfare 2. Oh and I enjoy getting my a** kicked by 10 year old kids calling me a f***** because I can’t play Search and Destroy properly : \ Hahaha! I started playing Rockband 3 online and its actually pretty fun. Also, Grand Theft Auto IV online is pretty amusing. Especially when all your buddies decide to play all at once. Good times!

Experience playing online games? My experience playing ANY online game has been pretty amusing. I think the best example I can think of was when I was playing the first COD: Modern Warfare. It was like any other day, and I was kicking major butt! Then all of a sudden I was forced into a team of at least 6 British kids. They heckled me and talk the most ignorant shit I have ever heard. Mostly they were attacking me for being American. I spent nearly a hour talking mad shit. At the end I kind of stopped myself because I was lowering my self to their level. Overall the stuff being said online is pretty intense. I do play online but I rarely use my mic now, it just ends up being a shouting match.

Thoughts on Bara? I have been noticing this amazing world of Bara, and I’m hooked! It’s so filthy yet so seductive ! Haaha! I can’t wait to get my hands on some, got any suggestions on what should be my first? Also where can I find these magical sex books?

Favorite Bears in Videogames: Holy Fucking balls! Craig Marduk from the Tekken series! OMFG ! I am currently holding the “Craig Marduk look-a-like contest” it consists of a wet underwear portion, a strength test which consists of picking me up, another part of the test is where they have to make out with me for 2 minutes 😀 (LMAO)!  Then comes the talent portion because lets face it, some of the contest has to be PG : ). The winner gets to take me out to dinner and a movie and use me as a shower buddy, its a job to make sure EVERY part is taken care of!  (ROFL)!

What are your thoughts on Marvel Vs Capcom 3? I love the original and loved the 2nd Marvel vs Capcom. However, Iwas disappointed in the 3rd game. So when they released the statement that they are releasing an Ultimate MvC 3, I kinda rolled my eyes.  When more and more content and exciting stuff revealed, I sort of lost my shit. Haha! So I come to you to tell you that the major upgrade to the third game is great. They fixed some of the annoying game play issues like not breaking through when someone is using the same attack over and over. The new characters and new moves actually are pretty dope. I challenge anyone to to face my X-23/Akuma/Dante team… YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED !!!

twitter: @cubbcakes 

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