Baragamer Contest 4

No contests are running currently, you may however submit a character for future contests.

The objective is to create a Bara/Bear/Masculine/Macho character using a video game, 3D application, or avatar generator. One out of these three possible examples.

  • Contest Period
    • No Contest is running currently.
  • Contest Entry
    • Submit photos or screenshots of a Bara character you personally created within a game, 3D application, or avatar generator. Please write a brief description about your character and which game or 3d application, or avatar generator it was made from.
    • Submissions through Tumblr are also acceptable.
    • You may use direct screenshots, camera, or cellphone photo.
    • If you are using a camera or cellphone, the character must be clearly visible.
    • You can use Mods on characters!
    • Photoshopping or editing on a screenshot is acceptable!
    • Multiple Entries are accepted!
    • After contest is over, 1 lucky winner will be selected by Tumblr Followers/Judges
    • Winner receives up to $40 in video game card out of the list of game cards described below.
  • Featured Submission
    • By submitting to the contest, your character may become featured in a blog post at crediting YOU the creator.
  • Eligible Entrants
    • Contestant must be 18 years or older to enter.
    • It is recommended for contestants to live in  United States or its territories,
      but it’s not required*
    • Contestant must type a valid email address in the submission form.
    • Without a valid email address, the winner may not be able to receive the serial code in email.
    • *The Game Card’s serial code may not work in your territory if you live outside of the United States. It is up to the winner to discern whether the card will work for a non- U.S game. We are not responsible if the code is not valid for a game outside of U.S territories.
    • For example a U.S Playstation Network card does not work on Japanese Playstation Network.
  • Game Card Criteria
    • A game card allows one to input a serial number to receive credit towards the purchase of in-game store items or online gaming service.
    • The winner will receive the serial number from the card through E-mail.
    • Winner may choose 1 ~ 4 game cards equaling a value of up to $30 and may not go over that amount.
    • For Example: (1) $10×4  = $40
    • For Example: (1) $23.95 + (1) $10  = $33.95
  • Eligible Game Cards
    • The winner must select one card from this list of Game Cards Up to $40 USD (United States Dollars). The card list may change based on availability.
    • High Availability: Sony Online Entertainment 1500 Cash. Ultimate Game Card $20. War Hammer Online $15. Zynga $15 or $25. Runescape $7.95. Perfect World $10. League of Legends $10. Aeria Game $10. Ultimate Game Card. Sims Store Game Card. PlayStation Network Card. PlayStation Plus Card. Xbox Live Card. Xbox Live MS Points Card. Nintendo Points 2000 Card. Facebook Game Card.
    • New Cards: RIFT 60 day game card. City of Heroes/Aion/Lineage 2 60 Day Card. Lord of the Rings Online ($25). Dungeons and Dragons Online ($10 x3) and Huxley Dystopia.
    • Extremely Limited Availability: NCsoft 30-Day Game Time Card. World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card
  • Grand Prize
    • (1) One winner selects from the list of game cards above up to $40.

The companies in the Eligible Game Card list are not affiliated or owned by This contest is self funded.

Example Work


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