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BaraGamer Character: Steve

Tomorrow is the last day to submit entries into the contest! Here’s FrugTug’s Sim’s entry:

frugtug submitted: This is my recent character from Sims 3. His name is Steve, and I am pretty sure he’s gonna be a town whore – so mothers, hide your sons; wifes, hide your husbands! Generations expansion introduced hairy male skins, with insane levels of customization, unavailable in previous fan-made skins. I can hardly leave the character editor…

Posing your Gay Sims Couples

So one of the cute things to do in the Sims 3 is to pose your models in situations that are not normally available. Unlike Daz3D, you don’t have to pay for each little pose, thank goodness.

Ah, these poses would be cute if they were normally available. I’m sure you guys have laid down near your boyfriend’s crotch at least once. Unless you don’t have one (FOREVER ALONE)

Posing a sim requires the following mods:

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BaraGamer Character: Paul

So this is Paul, he’s tall, dark, and … Hairy. (Created in The Sims 3)

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SimSocializing with BaraGamers

Aaah! Did you feel that earthquake? OH MY GOSH! So today we take a look at a non-Bara game, due to their being only one body type. We sincerely hope they would add some meat to their bodies, but that’s probably something far off.


Ah yes we’ve made it to the Sim Social which has taken up practically all our time, it’s a huge time sink, filled to the brim with bugs. But due to our nostalgia with The Sims 1, and how this game is the only one that brings that style with HQ graphics, we’re pretty much addicted to this game.


The most odd thing about this game is the way my bara friends created their characters. It’s like we were all thinking the same ideas of making an attractive man. Tan + Brown/Black Hair + Beard, that’s the entire Bara formula.

Even had a buddy mention how all of us look like we’re going to the same salon. Seriously!

Being a Sims player for practically  all my life, I find this game very limiting. You can’t just buy a couch, you have to build it. You can’t just buy a room, you need to bug your facebook friends and force them to respond. You need to find materials to level up skills which can take a considerably long time to find.

Did we mention how much we hate this damn girl!

The one thing we absolutely hate is when Barbara shows up and has to inform you that you’ve run out of energy. Yes Barbara, we know!

But for those who haven’t played the game it goes like this. In order to do actions that affect your growth in the game (relationships, skills, experience points), you need to spend energy. You are given a small amount of energy which you can easily spend in a matter of minutes. Every five minutes you get ONE energy point. You can also refill energy by asking friends.

But because of how addicting this game is, and how often you’ll see Barbera, she’s become an inside meme here at BaraGamer:

  • Sorry, I can’t make the bed because I don’t have the ENERGY to do it.
  • Sure I’d help you fix the stove, if I had the ENERGY.
  • Not tonight darling, I don’t have the ENERGY.

Oh and don’t get us started on the bugs. You can request someone to become friends or build a room, but the requests don’t show up after you’ve accepted them. Or at times you may get responses way after you actually need them.

But in all with all it’s glaring faults we find the game to be charming in it’s own way. So if you’d like to friend me let me know!

That face

daniel sims 1

Dreamworks stock facial expression. You’ll see it on every poster.

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Out of Context


The strange things you can only do with  Sims mods.

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Baragamer Download: Daniel

Daniel sims3

Now you can download Daniel Devaugn into your Sims 3 game. You’ll have to download the custom content listed in the tutorial for him to look the same way. Daniel also has a store item called Mock Hock for his hair. If you do upload this Sim to the Exchange, you’ll probably get hit by Terms of Service violation since he is nude in the preview image.

  • Description
    • Daniel is a 24 year old firefighter in Twinbrook. When he’s not rescuing lives, he plays gigs at Bridgeport with his terrible indie band. They don’t seem to get called back.

Baragamer Tutorial: Creating a Hairy Nude Bear Sim

daniel sim 2

In this tutorial we’ll go over the brief steps on the mods you need to create your own nude Bara or Bear Sim with penis attachment. It will require custom content in the form of mods. Firstly a few things you need to have done before you start.

  • Requirements
    • The Sims 3 with latest patch.
    • Download this Resource.cfg file

Firstly you must patch your game to the latest version, otherwise these instructions won’t work.

  • In the  Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder, create a new folder called Mods.
  • Within Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder, insert the Resource.cfg file
  • Within Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods create a new folder called “Packages
  • The Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder is where you’ll place all your mods.

Got it? Good! Taking a look at Daniel Devaugn he requires the following mods. You’ll need these mods if you want to get him look  similar. Of course it’s up to you to decide which mods you want to install.

When using custom skins, The Sims 3 by default only holds up to 6. If you have more than 6 custom skins at the same time, additional skins will be unselectable. To avoid this, you’ll need to find a mod that allows you to choose more skins.

Download the Non-Default, No Sexy Feet version of the Hairy Skin.

When using Penis Mods, only one can be loaded at a time. DBCAB’s Penis Model only allows one version (erect or soft) to be selected. CrammyBoy’s Penis is an attachment but the same rules apply. Only have 1 penis mod loaded when you start the game. You can deactivate other penis mods by renaming them to something like package.old at the end of their file name.

If you’d like to see your Sim nude, you can use the following cheat, Press CTRL+SHIFT+C type “disableclothingfilter on” but this is only activated from the Nraas Master Controller. Then go to a dresser and select the nude bottoms  in the pants section and the nude tops in the shirt section. I usually designate the “swimsuit” outfit for nudity.  Unfortunately there aren’t any sex mods like The Sims 2, but if you have that be sure to submit your characters!

In the next post, you will be able to download Daniel character into your Sims 3 game.

Click image above to download wallpaper

The Firestation Gym

bear sims daniel

Before fighting fires, he hangs out nude in the Firestation gym. His coworkers don’t seem to mind though.

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