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Here Comes the Brute Squad (Champions Online)

Brute Squad Main Banner

Speaking of Bara friendly guilds, we’d like to highlight one from Champions Online. The Brute Squad is one such guild comprised of hunky men who chat and role-play on two separate channels.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to ask for an invite into the group by joining the [Brutes] chat channel. Now, before you join, please be sure to have a Bara character. Once accepted, you can opt-in to their lite roleplaying channel [Bearbar].

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Phantastical Speedos Online

This week we take a brief look at a year since PSO2’s release to see how things are shaping up for male outfits. To give some perspective, initially during PSO2’s summer release, females were given a titillating sexy bikini while males were confined to these bulky summer shorts. It was very perplexing — how could they squander on such an obvious opportunity?

A few weeks later Sega released a player survey allowing one to request their desires for the game. Me and a few others took advantage of this, leapt forth to our keyboards and in a huff wrote an angry— er.. calm rational request demanding bikinis for all. Several months later our prayers were answered…

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Bara Game: See No Evil

See No Evil

See No Evil

Bara Game: See No Evil
Creator: Captain Gerbear
Price: $12 CAD

See No Evil Ciz 2

(Warning: Contains Minor Spoilers)

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve played an adventure game. The last one I recall was Escape from Monkey Island which released what… 13 years ago? See No Evil strives to revive that genre with a pixelated art style reminiscent of games from the DOS generation.

You play as Orsino who wakes up after a night of drinking and finds himself trapped in limbo. With his house in ruins, engulfed in ominous black flames, he decides to investigate by entering a strange palace off in the distance. Inside he meets Lord Barrod, a demon who taunts Orsino into a life of servitude by suggesting our poor hero submits to him. Orsino can freely submit to Lord Barrod at any time he pleases, but once this happens, it’s game over from here!

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Gayming with Tekken Tag 2: Fundoshi Edition

Agh! We finally got our hands on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So you know what that means? More spanking videos!


Tekken has its own stream of baralicious guys from the big and beefy muscle brute “Marduk” to the lean, fit body of “Baek”. Unlike Soul Calibur 5, you can not create your own custom characters. You can however customize most of the main characters who are all instantly available from the start.

Initially, certain characters and stages were locked away only to be released as free DLC  months after the game’s release. One DLC in particular, the “Big Bikini Bundle,” was only available to those who pre-ordered the game. Since that bundle allows male characters to wear a fundoshi, we waited a bit until it was finally released for free in December.

Tekken Miguel Fundoshi

Now mostly everyone has access to the fundoshi.

It’s great that the fundoshi allows you to see the character’s butt cheek,  but they come with these annoying jika-tabi (they look like socks) which you can’t ever take off.

Tekken Bruce Fundoshi

The Fundoshi is available in three colors, red, black, and white, with no option to change their colors. The only other revealing outfit for males is the “Shirtless” and  “Wrestling Bottoms” with boots; again no barefoot option.

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Isaac Jones and Bruno Knight; Gay Circus

Wow it’s been a long time since a porn post. So the wrestling singlet contest entry had me thinking about that Lycra fetish. I’ve seen guys wear it but never thought about the sex appeal behind it.

It’s quite interesting though, these singlets can turn into SFW porn once those hard-ons start bulging through. So today we take a look at two bearded fellows, Isaac Jones and Bruno Knight, in a circus act equipped with fire breathing acts, and gay sex. More after the jump!

(via butch dixon)

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miniReview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Publisher: EA
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Notes: Even though the game is single-player, there’s an online pass in new copies, which unlocks exclusive quests and locations.

The game is a single player, open-world, high fantasy RPG.  After the gorgeous visuals, combat is the best part of the game. There’s a variety of weapons (longswords, chakrams, daggers, etc.), and combat is based on timed button press combos and QTEs, rather than point-and-click attacking.

Standard RPG fare such as crafting, blacksmithing, socketing gems, alchemy, theft, and lock-picking are part of the game.  There are the standard 3 basic job classes (called Destinies) of warrior, rogue, and mage, with hybrids of each.  You’re free to change class as you wish, for a small fee.

Graphics are great, aside from a few minor clipping and bloom issues. There’s eye candy everywhere, from the character abilities and animations to the environments.  The game doesn’t shoot for realistic graphics, and the sheer amount of color everywhere makes Skyrim look especially monochromatic.

Sound effects are typical for a fantasy RPG, and the soundtrack is on par with that.  It doesn’t necessarily shine, but it’s exciting when it needs to be. Voice acting is good, however your character doesn’t speak any dialog which detracts from the story.

The lead designer claims that fully completing the game and all side quests should take around 200+ hours. The main quest is around 40-80 hours depending on your play-style.

Other Stuff:
If you’re looking for an immersive story along the lines of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you aren’t going to find it here.  It doesn’t seem like the results of your quests have much bearing on the world.  The hardest difficulty level seems to be anything but. Character customization is limited to only facial hair and features, tattoos, and jewelry.  There’s only one body type.

Why is it Bara?:
Plenty of swinging big hammers, muscly monsters, facial hair galore, and the occasional big belly…mhmm.

[written by: Grimace]

This game has been having some buzz in the Bara circles, so it was only natural to feature it here! Enjoy the rest of the gallery with Grimace’s created characters!

BaraGamer Character: Steve

Tomorrow is the last day to submit entries into the contest! Here’s FrugTug’s Sim’s entry:

frugtug submitted: This is my recent character from Sims 3. His name is Steve, and I am pretty sure he’s gonna be a town whore – so mothers, hide your sons; wifes, hide your husbands! Generations expansion introduced hairy male skins, with insane levels of customization, unavailable in previous fan-made skins. I can hardly leave the character editor…

Hairy Chests in Skyrim

I think it’s unanimous as to which mod is the best to have the hairiest chest in Skyrim. The nice thing about this mod is how it actually goes all the way down passed the juicy parts.

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Revealing Outfits for Male Skyrim Characters

Today Werebear guest blogs about revealing outfits for Skyrim Males:

You can also click on pictures for a larger size

We all know that games tend to have plenty of skimpy outfits for women, but if you look on Skyrim Nexus there have been a number of more revealing gear mods for males popping up all over the place for Skyrim. I’ve installed quite a few over the past week, so I thought for those that may not know about them, I’d share some screens of Kor, my character showing off a few of these great mods.

There are number of people on Skyrim Nexus making a nice range of “revealing” gear for males.

Imperial revealing outfits.

Elven and Ebony revealing outfits.

Fur, Forsworn, Leather revealing outfits.

Nightingale, Thieve’s, Dwarven revealing outfits.

Some simply show more skin, allowing you to have bare chested males, while others reveal much, much more. Some, such as the prisoner clothes and the apprentice and journeyman robes cover everything, but if you happen to get the right angle you will see everything is there anatomically.

I didn’t show everything here, but here are some screens for a good portion of the mod’s I’ve found that help fill the need for more male sex appeal. For those interested in these mods, I would suggest looking into Nexus Mod Manager (found on Skyrim Nexus), as it make installation easy, and allows you deactivate the mods fairly easily should you want or need to. A quick search for “revealing” will give you about six pages to sort through (some are female) of gear that shows off those masculine polygons.

[written by: Werebear]

Cute Asian Zangief Cosplay

Zangief Cosplay at Comiket

I couldn’t resist! It was the cutest thing ever! Today we’re going to add a new post category called “Bara Cosplay” so in the future if you’d like to share yours or you found any, you can SUBMIT one and it will be added to the list.

[submitted by Vincent, via  yukix]