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Here Comes the Brute Squad (Champions Online)

Brute Squad Main Banner

Speaking of Bara friendly guilds, we’d like to highlight one from Champions Online. The Brute Squad is one such guild¬†comprised of hunky men who chat and role-play on two separate channels.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to ask for an invite into the group by joining the [Brutes] chat channel. Now, before you join, please be sure to have a Bara character. Once accepted, you can opt-in to their lite roleplaying channel [Bearbar].

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Saints Row 3: Up Close and Centered Camera Mod

Saints Row 3 Centered Camera Mod Main

This is the first of several Saints Row 3 mods coming to BaraGamer. This one changes the camera positions so your man is up close and centered, allowing you to take easier snapshots of his bum. Remember back in the day when Lara Croft would sometimes take up the entire screen obstructing the view of danger lurking nearby? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing here. This mod isn’t meant for regular gameplay as you’ll have a harder time navigating buildings in the middle of a dog fight.

Saints Row 3 Mod: Up Close and Centered


  • Place the file contained within the zip file into your Saints Row 3 main directory.
  • For example …\SteamApps\common\saints row the third


  • Changes the camera position so your character is in the center.
  • Makes your character appear closer to the screen.
  • Gives higher camera viewing angles to take full body screenshots.

Our model, Ricky Santiago, will demonstrate the “practical” uses of this mod.

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Bara Character: Salvador

Bara Character: Salvador

It looks like I’m forced to pick up Borderlands 2 even though I’m a terrible FPS player. I’ll see you guys on Xbox 360 with Gamertag: barachan. Though I’ll mostly be playing with friends and private matches. In the mean time BearThug suggested some artwork by Silencio.

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Bara Character: Bass Armstrong

Today’s Bara Character is the big bear wrestler Bass Armstrong from Dead or Alive. He’s returning once again in Dead or Alive 5.

Bass Armstrong
Suggested by Aki / Pics by Jason

His character I guess you could say is a take on how Japanese developers picture the stereotypical American.¬† An American flag wearing biker leather daddy based off of Hulk Hogan and born on July 4th? OK that’s a bit extreme!

But aside from that, we really love his oil rig construction getup.

And with the latest trailer, they also introduced the new character “Rig.”

And they’re totally shippable…

Case in point!

Bara Character: James Vega

James Vega from Mass Effect 3
submitted by: Grimace

Ah! How can we have a Bara Gaming site without James Vega? Yes we’re pretty late for the Big McLargeHuge party, but he still has to be featured on this site at least once.

According to the design team, the concept for this character was to create a heavy-muscled blue collar military officer with a beard, tattoo, and scars. His ruggedness was to differentiate him from the other clean cut alliance members.

Oh the fanservice!

Unfortunately he’s not one of the datable options in the game, which many think is a missed opportunity.

Looks just as hunky with the armor on!

Once the anime rolls around, hopefully more Japanese artists will be interested in him. It’s pretty scarce on pixiv.

Bara Character: Sweet Tooth


Now it’s time for something really different, a guest post by: Exovedate

The character Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) has gone through many different design variations throughout Twisted Metals long history. In 2012’s Twisted Metal we’ll be seeing the homicidal clown depicted as a muscular power bear, looking to slaughter Dollface, the “one that got away…”

It’s easy to brush over Sweet Tooth’s new look, as Sweet Tooth’s depiction in Twisted Metal Black has eased us into the Ps3’s upcoming Twisted Metal, which is nearly identical, with the exception of Black’s more plump version of the serial killing clown (who’s seen on the right).

But now Sweet Tooth has become my all time favorite video game (or pop-culture in general) bear, keep reading for many more pictures of this intimidatingly sexy large, and in charge human butcher.

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