miniReview: Rochard

Geraldo shares his miniReview of Rochard!

Mini Review: Rochard
Publisher: Recoil Games
Platform: Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Note: There is a demo available on PSN.

It’s a 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements. Your main weapons include a G-lifter and Rockblaster. You’ll use the G-lifter to manipulate gravity and move heavy objects and enemies.

His other gun is mainly used for shooting. I was disappointed with the lack of emphasis on puzzles, I felt their was too much combat. Yet I found Rochard is overly simplistic and fun, I was captivated with its unique gameplay anyone can pick up and play. A bit more balancing both areas wouldn’t have hurt.

Runs smoothly, and the visuals are pleasing to the eye.

Rochard’s voice-acting is superb! The soundtrack was quite upbeat, I enjoyed it.

Rich with humor and personality. Plenty of collectibles, few upgrades and some trophies.

Why is it Bara?:
Let me see? Well, you play as John Rochard, an astro-miner, who happens to be a bear daddy. C’mon, just look at that beer belly!

[written by Gerardo L. Santiago]

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2 Responses to “miniReview: Rochard”

  1. Exovedate February 20, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    I loved Rochard, such a great game for $10

    I was definitely turned on by Rochard while playing, in addition to being a clear beer bellied bear, he’s talking throughout the game, and he has a very blue collar country dialect, quite the mans man.

  2. ultramooz February 21, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    I love this game ! After viewing some concept art, I got really interested in the game…that’s not your everyday action game character !

    The character design is really beautiful, with a hint of the team fortress 2 stylization, and John is quite hot with his 70’s stache and big gut. The raspy voice is quite hot too…

    The game is really good too, the demo convinced me to buy it and it’s a great action – puzzler. I just wish they would make some DLC costumes for John… I got some great ideas I could pitch them.

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