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Bara Game: One Night Game

Today we’re playing One Night Game, created by Fig Games.

  • Title: One Night Game (Demo)
  • Genre: Gay Eroge Card Game
  • Artist: Tuna Onigiri / Higemorigen
  • Programmer: Fig
  • Content: 2 Characters and Penalty games
  • Download Demo: 25MB

As you awaken in a mysterious mansion, a butler greets you informing that you and 4 other guys have been randomly invited (against their will) to play a card game. You see, the owner of the mansion just loves games, it’s quite his passion. Everyone who plays gets a modest reward, (or you could say it’s hush money so you don’t alert the authorities.)

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Gay Porn Games on Android! Dick Gumshoe’s Night Attack

As you know, the official Android Marketplace is strict in not allowing adult content. It has severely limited the types of Gay content you can place in the store that many Gay Dating apps had to disallow nude images on your profile pic. Though you can still certainly send dick pics through private messages.


Dudedle Studio has released Dick Gumshoe’s Night Attack through the MiKandi App Market. MiKandi is an adults only application store. However since it does not come from the Official Android Marketplace, you’ll have to allow it manually.

To Allow MiKandi apps through Android.

  • Go to Settings
  • Press Applications
  • Checkmark “Unknown Sources


JIRAIYA ART BOOK 2012 Pre-Ordering now

Bara artist Jiraiya, who does almost photo-realistic illustrations of muscle bears for G-men is releasing his next art book covering the works from 1998 through 2012.

G-men has recently began accommodating their international fans by including English websites and even allow for international ordering, though the shipping could get quite expensive. There’s two editions of this book, the regular version, and one including an iPhone cover.


  • Limited Edition: 4800 Yen about $58 USD.
  • +iPhone Cover Edition: 7800 Yen about $94 USD.
  • Releases on April 27th, 2012
  • Pre-Orders receive a chance to win an autographed card by Jiraiya himself.
  • Order includes a iPhone cover with one of Jiraiya’s illustrations.


Mailbag #6: The Lumberjack Bear Game

Anonymous asked:

I’ve been looking for a certain bear-themed yaoi game. I can’t recall its name, but since you seem more than cognisant about bears in video games, I thought I’d ask you. I specifically remember one screen shot showing a bearish woodcutter. Ring any bells?

There’s only one game that comes to mind.

His name is Harry, and he’s a lumberjack in the game Meat Log Mountain.

Unless you are talking about a different game?

Rock Ramsey and Steve King in Florida

I’ve declared it to be a free porn day! Rock Ramsey and Steve King, two extremely rugged beefy guys getting it on in the swamps of Florida.

(via bearfilms)

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A Bigger Skyrim Nude Mod

Skyrim Nude Mod (3)

Feeling inadequate ever since you took an arrow to the knee? Want to increase that certain part of the male anatomy? Well try out this new Male Nude Mod for Skyrim created by Sundracon.

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Jean Franko in a suit

I remember back in the day on AnonIB, there was this guy who was OBSESSED with Jean Franko…

(via butchdixon)

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Skyrim’s Male Nude Mod

Finally Skyrim has a nude mod for males. You can download the nude mod here at

If you created a character through the PC and want to send them our way to feature them by all means use the SUBMIT button. I probably won’t be able to play around with this until I get a dedicated graphics card.

Uncensored images after the jump! 

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Alan Knight Hairy Scottish Man

Today featuring Alan Knight from Butch Dixon,
to celebrate a month of not shaving!

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Moar Largo Bara

Takezamurai, the artist for Sugar Shooter is releasing Hanraku 6 at Otoko Matsuri 2 for about 1000 yen. Just by going through the list of characters available, we see Largo, Jack from Madworld, Daisuke from Pangya, Dogi from Ys, Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny.

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