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The Guys of Anime North (Bara Cosplays)

Hey, it’s Darksand, reporting from the Anime North in Toronto, Ontario! At Anime North, there are a ton of things to see and do; from panels, to competitions, to gaming, and even shopping in the dealers room.


The Bara Yaoi Bear?

I liked Anime North’s gay friendly atmosphere. There were some interesting Yaoi panels and even a panel on the world history of homosexuality. My favorite panel (as it is every year) is the Yaoi Life Drawing Panel. If you ever have trouble drawing anatomy, there’s actual models posing for you, and you’re free to take pictures for reference.

We had many guests attend this year including the talented Japanese voice actor Akira Sasanuma (most known for work in Gundam SEED as Dearka Elsman), and J. Micheal Tatum (Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler).

There’s plenty of places to shop too. The dealer’s room has your anime merchandise while artists at the Artist’s All  sell prints of their amazing work! Of course there’s the Nominoichi which is basically an anime flea for buying used goods. For all those who love to dance there’s the Otakubaloo and J-pop rave, and the Moonlight ball with dancing, classic gaming, and a buffet! This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can do and see at Anime North!

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BaraGamer: Kranxa

The fuzziest cub on Tumblr!

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miniReview: Rochard

Geraldo shares his miniReview of Rochard!

Mini Review: Rochard
Publisher: Recoil Games
Platform: Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Note: There is a demo available on PSN.

It’s a 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements. Your main weapons include a G-lifter and Rockblaster. You’ll use the G-lifter to manipulate gravity and move heavy objects and enemies.

His other gun is mainly used for shooting. I was disappointed with the lack of emphasis on puzzles, I felt their was too much combat. Yet I found Rochard is overly simplistic and fun, I was captivated with its unique gameplay anyone can pick up and play. A bit more balancing both areas wouldn’t have hurt.

Runs smoothly, and the visuals are pleasing to the eye.

Rochard’s voice-acting is superb! The soundtrack was quite upbeat, I enjoyed it.

Rich with humor and personality. Plenty of collectibles, few upgrades and some trophies.

Why is it Bara?:
Let me see? Well, you play as John Rochard, an astro-miner, who happens to be a bear daddy. C’mon, just look at that beer belly!

[written by Gerardo L. Santiago]

BaraGamer: Vatolobo

vatolobo headder

Today’s BaraGamer interviews the man behind the Orc, Vatolobo!

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Bara Character: Sweet Tooth


Now it’s time for something really different, a guest post by: Exovedate

The character Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) has gone through many different design variations throughout Twisted Metals long history. In 2012’s Twisted Metal we’ll be seeing the homicidal clown depicted as a muscular power bear, looking to slaughter Dollface, the “one that got away…”

It’s easy to brush over Sweet Tooth’s new look, as Sweet Tooth’s depiction in Twisted Metal Black has eased us into the Ps3’s upcoming Twisted Metal, which is nearly identical, with the exception of Black’s more plump version of the serial killing clown (who’s seen on the right).

But now Sweet Tooth has become my all time favorite video game (or pop-culture in general) bear, keep reading for many more pictures of this intimidatingly sexy large, and in charge human butcher.

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BaraGamer Character: Ricky the Stripper

[Import into Saints Row 3]

Today is a short post featuring Saints Row 3 custom character “Ricky The Stripper“. He’ll also be featured in an upcoming video overview of the game in the next podcast. He wears an extremely small purple thong and a purple hat. He is the spiritual descendant of another character from a Japanese online game.

Since Saints Row 3 uses live cutscenes, you get a nice high quality view of your character with facial expressions and dialogue. However the facial expressions themselves do not match up quite well with my character in particular, and very often he has a surprised dazed look on his face.

[gachimuchi/chubby video]

It’s nice to compare how the character looks with different body types. You can download the cutscene above with both body styles.

If you want to download Ricky The Stripper into your own game, login to SaintsRow3 and follow this link. If you lose that link just search for the tag [bara] and he’ll show up. The gallery below has the regular and chubby version of this character featured in the booty dance gif.

Our Favorite from the Edmund and Tommy Nude Art Contest

Happy New Year everyone! So this is kinda late but the contest winners to draw Team Meat nude were chosen. It’s an interesting contest to say the least since it’s not everyday you see game developers nude (Although maybe that’s a good thing). Some people were disgusted by the whole thing, but Rule 34 exists on the Internet after all. I hope they hold more contests like this in the future.

Other than Fabrissou’s entry there was another entry that caught our eye.

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Saints Row 3 Removing The Mosaic Blur

Well it’s sort of a male nude mod, but it just removes the annoying censor in the PC version of Saints Row the Third. The process is done by unpacking the shader files, editing their contents, then packing them back in. I followed these instructions from a forum to make it work in the Initiation Station. Basically you overwrite the shader files used for the mosaic and replace them with blank versions. The instructions are on this site.

The shader files used in the full version may not work in the Initiation Station. So instead I’ve provided my file that works with this version. So please choose which files apply to you.

  • Download Shaders for either Saints Row 3 OR Initiation Station.
  • Navigate to the folder below where  Steam is installed.
  • ..\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third (initiation station)\packfiles\pc\cache
  • Overwrite shaders.vpp_pc then start your game.

I haven’t seen anyone step up to the table yet and create a penis mod. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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Draw Edmund McMillen Nude!


If you draw him nude and win you get a Wacom Tablet!

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BaraGamer Character: Yeotaan (Skyrim)


Submitted by Captain Bonertopia

Captain Bonertopia writes: These are of my Nord, Yeotaan. (Dumb name, I know 😛 )

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