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Tell us about yourself:  I’m the real life action anime hero is what I think is the easiest way to put it. I enjoy a lot of adventuring in my life and tend to not be afraid to kick someone’s ass who is in the way of me or my friends getting stuff done. I love to work out and lift weights. I like video games a good amount though I side more with retro games. I do love a lot of board games though. I’m 21, 5′ 9″, and Puerto-Rican/Irish/lil bit of everything else but Indian.

I’m partnered with a fellow furry/”gaymer”. He’s more of a PC gamer though. I am a customer service professional as well as an optician on the side. Though I wanna learn some more massage therapy. I am spiritual and I do have tarot cards, I’d also like to learn more about aromatherapy. Haha, I guess you can all say I’ve got a thirst for knowledge too. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I’m also a furry and I do have a fursuit. I’m not one for fursuit sex myself, but I -do- so enjoy teasing others. Sometimes compliments on tumblr turn me on themselves when they’re good.

Offline Games:  I still love a lot of the older systems love. Silent Hill is by far my favorite series. Favorite game for PS2 would definitely be Resident Evil 2. My favorite game ever is definitely Illusion of Gaia. A lot of people think that game didn’t age well but I very much disagree. I think the game plays very smooth and the puzzles can still take a bit to get through. I really liked the music and the fighting. Ah, that game is so good to me.

Online Games: I played that Star Wars The Old Republic for a while but it’s kind of discouraging to continue playing when there really isn’t any endgame content worthwhile to myself. I’m not really an online gamer though. I don’t actually have too many PC games. But I really haven’t had that great of a computer for a long time.

Favorite Bara/Bears: If it wasn’t any more obvious with how many hints of him I’ve made, Bowser is definitely a video game crush of mine. I love the look of him being so mean and growlie but you can SO tell he’s a total cuddle monster. As far as bara artists go, I really like Grisser’s work. Not so much when he makes the monster sized dicks, but when they’re normal lookin’, I’m pretty much into them. He’s an artist I would love to meet and get some art from. He actually follows me on tumblr and even FA I believe, but we haven’t talked though. As far as actors goes, I guess the first crush that comes to mind is Tyler Labine.  He needs some cuddles.

Tell us about the Zombie Walk The zombie walk was a blast. A lot of runnind and looking silly for sure. I’m surprised there wasn’t more survivors there myself. Though it was fun falling and posing like in the stereotypical survival horrors. We hid around cars and corners and my romate who was the medic was handing out band-aids to the civilians just innocently walking around.

What do you like about the Silent Hill series:  I have played every Silent Hill, and replayed some of them a couple times. Silent Hill is a good example of the kinds of Survival Horror games I enjoy. Resident Evil went in a direction I didn’t agree with. In Silent Hill, I can turn a corner and not be sure if there’s going to be a monster around, or something could jump out at me. In Silent Hill, I want to save my ammo and health and if I have to use that lead pipe or 2×4, then I’ll just have to use them. In Resident Evil, if I’m low on ammo or health, I could just go to the shop or go to another chapter and jump back so I have what I need.

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