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Bulge Slider for Saints Row The Third

On behalf of the gaymer community we’d like to thank Volition Games for implementing a bulge slider. For years female characters have had the opportunity to change the size of their breasts, but for males, having a bulge slider was seen as taboo.

We hope other games can implement such a bulge slider, (especially that game coming out from SEGA).

Posing your Gay Sims Couples

So one of the cute things to do in the Sims 3 is to pose your models in situations that are not normally available. Unlike Daz3D, you don’t have to pay for each little pose, thank goodness.

Ah, these poses would be cute if they were normally available. I’m sure you guys have laid down near your boyfriend’s crotch at least once. Unless you don’t have one (FOREVER ALONE)

Posing a sim requires the following mods:

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Oh Sebastian: Amped 3

Sebastian is the Zen Bear on the left.

So finally I can talk about this game called Amped 3 that nobody liked. I’ve had such a bad SSX withdrawal ever since its third installment. During this drought, SSX went with a more kid friendly route and released games for Nintendo consoles, which I did not have.¬† In its place, all that was left was Amped 3, and at the time, it was Xbox360’s only arcade snowboarding game. I decided to pick it up against all the negative reviews.

Remember in that Superman 64 game where you had to “solve your maze” by flying through rings, well, this game has the same gimmick. Some of the challenges require you to follow a very strict path that is pretty hard to do on a snowboard with its loose mechanics. Then it required you to pass through rings in sometimes strange locations, especially if they are in the air. If you missed one ring it is game over and you have to restart. I really think this one feature made everyone absolutely hate the game.

So to all of you future snowboard game developers, rings suck!

As for Sebastian, he’s pretty cool, he’s like this extreme pacifist with a surfer mentality. Yes he’s pretty big but the bear lovers won’t mind him at all. Unfortunately for me, he just never takes off those goggles. I’d really like to see what he actually looks like.

This is actually Johan, his name is different in the screenshot since I had to create a new game. Normally you can not wear this outfit so early in the game, which is a shame because the earlier cutscenes have nicer angles.

I love me some homosexual subtext, but this one was very apparent, until he ruined it.

Tyler Labine Kisses a Dude

I wonder how many bears just creamed their pants.

Bears in the Woods Comic

Reblogged from Beefy Blimps

So we’ve been doing only videogames for the past few weeks but this is also a bear site.¬† So let’s highlight some and then we’ll go back to videogames. Beefy Blimps drew this 4 page comic. Not sure how to describe it. But he said to reblog it, so here it is! Plus I have a thing for interracial, (although technically..)

TF2 Bara (2nd Pack)

Here’s the second set of TF2 bara made by Cureboltium and I. I got some requests for Heavy x Demo pairings so I guess I’ll do them another day.

BaraGames: WrestleFight

wrestle fight

So today we take a look at the Wrestle Fight Demo, which was released sometime in January but exclusively for Comket attendees. Recently the Web demo was released to the public, it’s shorter than the comiket version but you at least get some scenes.

WrestleFight was created by Yojohonteki who was the original creator of the rugby romance simulation game Katekyo. Wrestle Fight takes place in the same universe as that game including some very familiar faces. WrestleFight is a raising simulation/card battle game.

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TF2 Heavy Nude

This weekend, Cureboltium and I were learning the ropes of figuring out how to make rule 34 of Heavy. So we present this little pack of images we made so far.


Found Breda Porn

Reblogged from todayilust4

BlazingCheecks drew Breda from Full Metal Alchemist,
and has now fulfilled our meme.

Strange coincidence. Hmm.

Bara Character: Gordon Bowman

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Where have you been all of my life?

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