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Rock Ramsey and Steve King in Florida

I’ve declared it to be a free porn day! Rock Ramsey and Steve King, two extremely rugged beefy guys getting it on in the swamps of Florida.

(via bearfilms)

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The Tails Beard

Happy New Years Bears!

As much as I am a huge Sonic Fan… NOT SURE IF WANT. I have a feeling a certain bear tumblr will reblog this.

And done!

Our Favorite from the Edmund and Tommy Nude Art Contest

Happy New Year everyone! So this is kinda late but the contest winners to draw Team Meat nude were chosen. It’s an interesting contest to say the least since it’s not everyday you see game developers nude (Although maybe that’s a good thing). Some people were disgusted by the whole thing, but Rule 34 exists on the Internet after all. I hope they hold more contests like this in the future.

Other than¬†Fabrissou’s entry there was another entry that caught our eye.

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Draw Edmund McMillen Nude!


If you draw him nude and win you get a Wacom Tablet!

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Tyler Labine Kisses a Dude

I wonder how many bears just creamed their pants.

Bearded Spaniard


What can I say, I love otters with beards. Meet Pedro Paliza, an actual Spaniard currently living in France. He’s uncut with a hairy ass to boot.

(via butchdixon)

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Bara Gamer: Omy


Our first Bara Gamer!

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Punny Bear

It makes more sense after the jump.

Reblogged from julesbrg

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Tyler Robinson is a Cutie

Tyler Robinson 2

Tyler Robinson from the Voice

He’s a strapping young man with the cute nerdy look. Apparently he hasn’t come out to his father yet..

Suggested by Cody

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