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Show Your Roe: Bara Gallery

A few weeks after FFXIV came out, I unearthed a thread aptly titled “Show You Roe.” It was pretty straight forward, just upload a picture of your Roegadyn and be on your merry way. Until you dig deeper and realize certain people with certain preferences posted their characters in more.. provocative poses.

So I tried to do something in a similar vein to Orctober; create a month long event called Roevember to celebrate the most underappreciated race in the game. Just look at the statistics, 7% of all players play as a Roegadyn. Unfortunately Roevember fell apart as everyone is spread out on different servers. Trying to get a group together was quite challenging. But I’ll try again next year, firstly by promoting several groups.

Bara / Bear Linkshells and Free Companies

(Be sure to contact the group masters to join the Linkshell/Free Company)

Just keep in mind that it’s not a requirement to play as a Roe in any of these groups.  Since my characters exist across several servers, it would be super swell to assemble a group of people for a photoshoot in the summer. If you’d like to add your group to the list, please comment, and I’ll try to meet up with you during the summer event.

With that squared away, on to the pictures!

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Saints Row 3: Public Nudity and Nude Mod

                    Click Here for Saints Row 4 Nude Mod

This is an updated version of the previous Mosaic Blur mod, except this time it’s a much smaller file size, easier to uninstall, and makes a minor gameplay change. This nudity mod removes the mosaic blur on your main character and on certain NPCs who will be featured in an upcoming mod.

 Saints Row 3 Public Nudity Mod 2

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Gayming with Tekken Tag 2: Fundoshi Edition

Agh! We finally got our hands on Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So you know what that means? More spanking videos!


Tekken has its own stream of baralicious guys from the big and beefy muscle brute “Marduk” to the lean, fit body of “Baek”. Unlike Soul Calibur 5, you can not create your own custom characters. You can however customize most of the main characters who are all instantly available from the start.

Initially, certain characters and stages were locked away only to be released as free DLC  months after the game’s release. One DLC in particular, the “Big Bikini Bundle,” was only available to those who pre-ordered the game. Since that bundle allows male characters to wear a fundoshi, we waited a bit until it was finally released for free in December.

Tekken Miguel Fundoshi

Now mostly everyone has access to the fundoshi.

It’s great that the fundoshi allows you to see the character’s butt cheek,  but they come with these annoying jika-tabi (they look like socks) which you can’t ever take off.

Tekken Bruce Fundoshi

The Fundoshi is available in three colors, red, black, and white, with no option to change their colors. The only other revealing outfit for males is the “Shirtless” and  “Wrestling Bottoms” with boots; again no barefoot option.

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BaraGamer Character: Yufuku Oukan

Yufuku Oukan
submitted by shouri

EVE Online almost a year ago added the ability to create your own avatars. The character themselves flow more towards the realistic side compared to the anime-esque Phantasy Star. But as always, we encourage gamers to create baralicious characters to submit on this site, and so today is our first EVE Online character submission.

His name is Yufuku Oukan and he was created by Shouri. If you want to make your own guy, try the EVE Online free trial and send us some screenshots!

But first, check out some video eye candy of this stud on Youtube.

Dampierre’s Butt Spanking SoulCalibur 5

Dampierre was freely available within the game for those who pre-ordered. I didn’t get the chance to and thought I wasn’t missing out on much. That’s until I matched up with him in Quick Match mode and saw all these ridiculous moves. His fighting style is quite quirky and dirty. What fighting style has you hold a guy’s legs and stomp rapidly on their crotch?

Eventually he became available for the rest of the public as a DLC, marking this the first time I’ve ever purchased any Soul Calibur DLC. I totally skipped out on the whole Yoda/Vader, sorry they just weren’t worth it.

Dampierre’s moves sometimes ends up with him doing self inflicted damage, or he’ll make both him and his opponent fall down together. I don’t know how good he is on a competitive standpoint, but he ended up being the most interesting fighting style in the game.

From a Bara standpoint, Dampierre isn’t much of a looker, he’s one of those guys you have to stare for a while before you might consider him attractive. However, using his fighting style on a custom character lets you perform a very homoerotic throw. Though, Voldo’s moveset still manages to create a gay atmosphere, but we’ll talk about that another day.

Ass Drumming Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Parody

Saw the english translation from GayGamer, I’m always interested in seeing how games are localized. Even though I felt the lyrics they used fit well with the way the Japanese version was going for.

The English version doesn’t have the same kind of  appeal and quirkyness that the Japanese version had. Mainly the interviewer’s voice is just too deep and lacks the same kind of emotion. I doubt they’d change anything at this point  so I’ll deal with whatever they throw at me.

You can compare it to the original version below:

Ok I’m biased.

The GachiMuchi phenomenom claimed another model. His name is Ricardo Milos and he’s a brazilian exotic dancer. The title of this video is called Everyone’s Ass Drum Heaven found on Nico Nico Douga.

Saints Row The Third: Bara Gaming Night

Bara Gaming Night with Grimace

It’s Bara Gaming Night, where we play games online with other Bara fans. Tonight’s videos include Saints Row 3 Genki Co-Op mission and Snatch Co-op.

Professor Genki Super Ethical Reality Climax is a twisted Gameshow where players must complete an obstacle course filled with traps, carnage, and mayhem. Players must shoot enemies to earn bonuses and signboards to increase time.

Snatch is a mission where players must race against the clock to gather as much HOs as possible from the enemy gang. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by gunfire, brutes, and even the police as everyone tries to stop you.

Trafficking is an activity where you must  protect your partner and their dealers from an all around assault from the opposing gang.

Your Gaymer Xbox Live Avatar and Podcast 4

I noticed an interesting thing this past year about my friends list. The bears that were interested in thinner guys had thinner Xbox Live Avatars. I being the slimmer guy had a fatter avatar. I wonder if there’s any correlation.

I’ll admit that he’s poorly dressed. If you want to suggest some clothes for him comment below!

So today’s podcast is not bara related, Aww… It’s pretty much a quick tour of all the new design changes for Xbox Live. Don’t worry, next podcast we’ll play through Saints Row… naked.

2011 Xbox Live Changes

Bara Gaming Night with Len

Or you could watch Co-Op with Len and I shooting up a biker gang.

BaraGamer Asks: Where did the gun come from?

So have you been enjoying Saints Row 3? Personally I’m not so good with shooters and tend to run into the gunfire and shoot at walls, but at least cutscenes do all the action for us.

Today we semi-introduce our Saints Row 3 almost naked male character Ricky the Stripper, who wears this outfit regardless of the time of day or weather. You can see his character creation in the previous podcast and now you can see him in action!

So we asked tumblr:

Where did the Gun Come From?

and here are the responses:

  • His phat ass
  • The gun is actually a transforming sounding rod.
  • Oh. You know.
  • The Vortex
  • Given his attire, that could only be one… place.
  • Well you see, it begins with some lube and well then…-trails off into a long and vulgar/sexual discription-

If we can answer this question, perhaps we can solve the mysteries of the universe. Unless tvtropes already has an answer.

I must admit the game’s story is pretty wacky. Never takes itself too seriously. You can have the main characters looking all thug daddy gangster, taking no shit from nobody, and the next thing you know…

A big scary naked man pops out of nowhere.

Now if you’re on game consoles like me and want to take a screenshot, you’ll have to wait until the staff posts your screenshots on your account. You can of course submit your own Saints Row The Third screenshots to let the bara world ogle at your creation.

Ricky the Stripper’s Gallery

Baragamer Podcast: 03 YouTube Channel!

Baragamer podcast 3

Oh Mah Gurl Breadquanda, a new podcast, and this time it’s on YouTube. We’re going through the character creation demo of Saints Row The Third featuring the bulge slider. Plus we can announce our YouTube channel, it will have various gameplay videos of Bara and Non-Bara stuff so please subscribe!

BaraGamer Youtube Channel!