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Bara Game: Fantasy Football Locker Stalker

Fantasy Football Locker Stalker

Fantasy Football Locker Stalker

Game: Fantasy Football Locker Stalker
Creator: Captain GerBear
Download: Here

Wow it’s been quite a while since we’ve last played a Bara Game. This one comes from Captain Gerbear who hosted our outfit design contest a while back. The concept is pure genius. You play as a creepy guy who sneaks around in the locker room of the “Vegas Jacks.” You must hide in the lockers and snap photos of guys dressing, undressing, and showering. If you escape undetected, your photos are saved and you can view them at your leisure. The game is quite difficult, and it will take some time to understand the game’s flow.

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Bara Cosplays: Fallout Cub

Fallout Themed Cosplay

~submitted by punk-cub-101

Bara Character: Salvador

Bara Character: Salvador

It looks like I’m forced to pick up Borderlands 2 even though I’m a terrible FPS player. I’ll see you guys on Xbox 360 with Gamertag: barachan. Though I’ll mostly be playing with friends and private matches. In the mean time BearThug suggested some artwork by Silencio.

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Bara Character: Bass Armstrong

Today’s Bara Character is the big bear wrestler Bass Armstrong from Dead or Alive. He’s returning once again in Dead or Alive 5.

Bass Armstrong
Suggested by Aki / Pics by Jason

His character I guess you could say is a take on how Japanese developers picture the stereotypical American.  An American flag wearing biker leather daddy based off of Hulk Hogan and born on July 4th? OK that’s a bit extreme!

But aside from that, we really love his oil rig construction getup.

And with the latest trailer, they also introduced the new character “Rig.”

And they’re totally shippable…

Case in point!

3D Renders of Bears, Cubs, and Chubs: (BaraGamer Interview with Aki)

Today we’re interviewing 3D model artist Aki, whose works include video game inspired 3D renderings of Bears.  So if you want a little insight on where you go about creating thick chubby men, check out the interview below!

Aki’s Videogame Inspired Bear Art

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Muscle Bear Daz Studio Render


Studly Man Pose!
submitted by Markaeon

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Zangief Looks Cute In New Movie Trailer

So there’s this new trailer for a Disney movie called Wreck-it Ralph, which has a pretty cool concept. Basically, it’s about a videogame villian turning a new leaf. Sounds pretty typical for a Disney movie right? Until Eggman, Qbert, M. Bison, and Bowser show up, then suddenly…


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zangief this attractive.  Then his accent.. his accent just makes me melt like butter.

Disney what have you done!?

The Guys of Anime North (Bara Cosplays)

Hey, it’s Darksand, reporting from the Anime North in Toronto, Ontario! At Anime North, there are a ton of things to see and do; from panels, to competitions, to gaming, and even shopping in the dealers room.


The Bara Yaoi Bear?

I liked Anime North’s gay friendly atmosphere. There were some interesting Yaoi panels and even a panel on the world history of homosexuality. My favorite panel (as it is every year) is the Yaoi Life Drawing Panel. If you ever have trouble drawing anatomy, there’s actual models posing for you, and you’re free to take pictures for reference.

We had many guests attend this year including the talented Japanese voice actor Akira Sasanuma (most known for work in Gundam SEED as Dearka Elsman), and J. Micheal Tatum (Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler).

There’s plenty of places to shop too. The dealer’s room has your anime merchandise while artists at the Artist’s All  sell prints of their amazing work! Of course there’s the Nominoichi which is basically an anime flea for buying used goods. For all those who love to dance there’s the Otakubaloo and J-pop rave, and the Moonlight ball with dancing, classic gaming, and a buffet! This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can do and see at Anime North!

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Townseed Outfit Design Contest Winners!

Hello! BaraGamer here! Captaingerbear has announced the winners of the Townseed Outfit Design Contest! The winners are as follows:

Waistshirt by Star-Ringer with 150 votes

Leopard by GuardianMoose with 148 votes

Athlete by Ultramooz with 147 votes

And now a message from Captaingerbear:

The top 3 are so close together, that the 1st and 3rd placed entries only had a 3 vote difference between them.  As a result of this, I have decided to award the special prize to all three entrants.  In addition to the finalists, there are two honorable mentions that will receive prizes, one chosen by myself, and one chosen by your Master of Baramonies from

All finalists will receive a +1 preorder for Townseed (meaning that if you already possess a preorder, or purchase one in the future, you will be bumped up one space on the list of preorder bonuses!) and a custom-made USB gamepad with your winning design on it! There will only be ONE of each design produced, so they will be wholly unique! This is of course on top of the design credit, and inclusion of your design as an outfit in the game.

The honorable mentions will still receive the +1 preorder for Townseed, the credit and inclusion of their design.

For the honorable mentions, I have chosen “Sack Pants by Sohajime” and Captain GerBear has chosen “Blue Cowl by Dinohugs.” Contest winners will be contacted through the method they entered the contest. Enjoy your prizes!

Townseed 8bit Funding Page

Townseed Contest Entry Voting


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Here’s an index of all the contest entries for the Townseed Outfit Design Contest. Each entry is assigned a number. When you are ready to vote, click the cast a vote link above.