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Saints Row The Third: Bara Gaming Night

Bara Gaming Night with Grimace

It’s Bara Gaming Night, where we play games online with other Bara fans. Tonight’s videos include Saints Row 3 Genki Co-Op mission and Snatch Co-op.

Professor Genki Super Ethical Reality Climax is a twisted Gameshow where players must complete an obstacle course filled with traps, carnage, and mayhem. Players must shoot enemies to earn bonuses and signboards to increase time.

Snatch is a mission where players must race against the clock to gather as much HOs as possible from the enemy gang. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by gunfire, brutes, and even the police as everyone tries to stop you.

Trafficking is an activity where you must  protect your partner and their dealers from an all around assault from the opposing gang.

Your Gaymer Xbox Live Avatar and Podcast 4

I noticed an interesting thing this past year about my friends list. The bears that were interested in thinner guys had thinner Xbox Live Avatars. I being the slimmer guy had a fatter avatar. I wonder if there’s any correlation.

I’ll admit that he’s poorly dressed. If you want to suggest some clothes for him comment below!

So today’s podcast is not bara related, Aww… It’s pretty much a quick tour of all the new design changes for Xbox Live. Don’t worry, next podcast we’ll play through Saints Row… naked.

2011 Xbox Live Changes

Bara Gaming Night with Len

Or you could watch Co-Op with Len and I shooting up a biker gang.