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Zangief Looks Cute In New Movie Trailer

So there’s this new trailer for a Disney movie called Wreck-it Ralph, which has a pretty cool concept. Basically, it’s about a videogame villian turning a new leaf. Sounds pretty typical for a Disney movie right? Until Eggman, Qbert, M. Bison, and Bowser show up, then suddenly…


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Zangief this attractive.  Then his accent.. his accent just makes me melt like butter.

Disney what have you done!?

Gay Porn Games on Android! Dick Gumshoe’s Night Attack

As you know, the official Android Marketplace is strict in not allowing adult content. It has severely limited the types of Gay content you can place in the store that many Gay Dating apps had to disallow nude images on your profile pic. Though you can still certainly send dick pics through private messages.


Dudedle Studio has released Dick Gumshoe’s Night Attack through the MiKandi App Market. MiKandi is an adults only application store. However since it does not come from the Official Android Marketplace, you’ll have to allow it manually.

To Allow MiKandi apps through Android.

  • Go to Settings
  • Press Applications
  • Checkmark “Unknown Sources


GachiMuchi Muscle Collection April Fools!

April Fools is just as big over here as it is in Japan. Every year they come up with new ridiculous announcements, some of them are inside jokes which I’d obviously wouldn’t understand. But some are just in your face and bizarre.

Toku Toku BB by GMO, is an internet service provider that covers pretty much a variety of things including VPS. They started their own social game called Muscle Collection. Well actually according to them it’s not really a Social Game, it’s a “SoshaGe” which is just an abbreviated form of the phrase.

For this game’s minimum specs they recommend some really really expensive computers.

In this game you spin Gachapons, (a Gacha is the toy vending machine you see near stores) and collect muscular men with various names and special moves. There’s two Gachas, the first one they claim is for kids… But the SUPER GACHA, is for adults, and my do they get very homoerotic.

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Mailbag #6: The Lumberjack Bear Game

Anonymous asked:

I’ve been looking for a certain bear-themed yaoi game. I can’t recall its name, but since you seem more than cognisant about bears in video games, I thought I’d ask you. I specifically remember one screen shot showing a bearish woodcutter. Ring any bells?

There’s only one game that comes to mind.

His name is Harry, and he’s a lumberjack in the game Meat Log Mountain.

Unless you are talking about a different game?

miniReview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Game: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Publisher: EA
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Notes: Even though the game is single-player, there’s an online pass in new copies, which unlocks exclusive quests and locations.

The game is a single player, open-world, high fantasy RPG.  After the gorgeous visuals, combat is the best part of the game. There’s a variety of weapons (longswords, chakrams, daggers, etc.), and combat is based on timed button press combos and QTEs, rather than point-and-click attacking.

Standard RPG fare such as crafting, blacksmithing, socketing gems, alchemy, theft, and lock-picking are part of the game.  There are the standard 3 basic job classes (called Destinies) of warrior, rogue, and mage, with hybrids of each.  You’re free to change class as you wish, for a small fee.

Graphics are great, aside from a few minor clipping and bloom issues. There’s eye candy everywhere, from the character abilities and animations to the environments.  The game doesn’t shoot for realistic graphics, and the sheer amount of color everywhere makes Skyrim look especially monochromatic.

Sound effects are typical for a fantasy RPG, and the soundtrack is on par with that.  It doesn’t necessarily shine, but it’s exciting when it needs to be. Voice acting is good, however your character doesn’t speak any dialog which detracts from the story.

The lead designer claims that fully completing the game and all side quests should take around 200+ hours. The main quest is around 40-80 hours depending on your play-style.

Other Stuff:
If you’re looking for an immersive story along the lines of Dragon Age or Mass Effect, you aren’t going to find it here.  It doesn’t seem like the results of your quests have much bearing on the world.  The hardest difficulty level seems to be anything but. Character customization is limited to only facial hair and features, tattoos, and jewelry.  There’s only one body type.

Why is it Bara?:
Plenty of swinging big hammers, muscly monsters, facial hair galore, and the occasional big belly…mhmm.

[written by: Grimace]

This game has been having some buzz in the Bara circles, so it was only natural to feature it here! Enjoy the rest of the gallery with Grimace’s created characters!

Create Hunky Men in Kingdoms of Amalur

ultramooz submits his Kingdoms of Amalur characters.

These characters were created in the “Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning” demo on PS3, and it made me want to try the full game!

Sadly you can’t undress them more than that, but there is a PC version and the maybe some mods will help our naughty purposes

But as a special treat, Grimace has written up a mini review of the full version, check it out in the next post!

BaraGamer Character: Esau

The deadline for this contest is over, so any submissions received onward would be placed into the next contest which would probably start in the fall of ’12. We’ll probably start the voting process in March since there’s a few submissions not yet posted because they are tied to articles.

Here’s another City of Heroes character called Esau, a muscle bear biker. Wouldn’t mind being rescued by him.  😉


Adding Male Bulges to Soul Calibur 5 Characters

Tony submitted his Soul Calibur 5 custom character Arab Daddy, using some neat tricks to add a bulge and some extra fuzz on the beard.

Tony wrote: You know it’s very unfair the ladies in the game have an option to manipulate the breast size but the males don’t have nothing to manipulate the bulge they all look like a Ken dolls down there. So I guess we have to use our imagination on our male models.

The bulge can be made with an item located in the equipment section called Bottle Gourd and the beard with the Raccoon Tail. For the bulge you manipulate the Bottle Gourd thickness, length, depth, and angle. Once you are happy with the end result you go to the Colors/Patterns/Sticker section and apply same pattern to the underwear and the Bottle Gourd and presto!!!


We were scratching our heads for a while on how to achieve this beard.

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miniReview: Rochard

Geraldo shares his miniReview of Rochard!

Mini Review: Rochard
Publisher: Recoil Games
Platform: Playstation 3, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Note: There is a demo available on PSN.

It’s a 2-dimensional side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements. Your main weapons include a G-lifter and Rockblaster. You’ll use the G-lifter to manipulate gravity and move heavy objects and enemies.

His other gun is mainly used for shooting. I was disappointed with the lack of emphasis on puzzles, I felt their was too much combat. Yet I found Rochard is overly simplistic and fun, I was captivated with its unique gameplay anyone can pick up and play. A bit more balancing both areas wouldn’t have hurt.

Runs smoothly, and the visuals are pleasing to the eye.

Rochard’s voice-acting is superb! The soundtrack was quite upbeat, I enjoyed it.

Rich with humor and personality. Plenty of collectibles, few upgrades and some trophies.

Why is it Bara?:
Let me see? Well, you play as John Rochard, an astro-miner, who happens to be a bear daddy. C’mon, just look at that beer belly!

[written by Gerardo L. Santiago]

Gayming with Soul Calibur 5

Glorious chest hair porn!

So we’ve been playing Soul Calibur 5 for a few days now, checking out the various modes and customization features. Overall the game is pretty difficult.

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