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Bara Cosplays: Fallout Cub

Fallout Themed Cosplay

~submitted by punk-cub-101

Skyrim: Male Prostitution

Submitted by Makke

Today we’re checking out the Animated Prostitution mod which gives you the option of having sex with NPCs, It adds an item in your inventory called “AP Amulet of Dibella.” When equipped a new power is added to your power list called “AP Options” which adds several spells, but the one useful to our interests is the “AP Show Me” spell. This spell lets you shoot other NPCs to strip them of their clothing.

When you speak to male NPCs that don’t have any particular relationship with the Dragonborn, you’ll get a few dialogue choices. You can have sex for free, charge him, force him into having sex, or pay him.

NPCs have the option to refuse your offer which will just end the dialogue right there. You’ll have to wait about an hour before making your advances again. However, if he agrees, you can chose to have sex on the spot, or move to a private location.

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Temporary Replacement for Bara Image Boards

For a while now Baraspot image boards has been issuing ” 403 forbidden” error message when accessing the site. We were unable to find any details as to why Baraspot was down and how long it would take to come back up. So a commenter here suggested a new Bara Image Board.

However, this one is a temporary replacement to test out what conditions are necessary to host a dedicated Bara site. So for now you can direct yourselves to the URL here:

Today we’ll also start a new category “Bara News” which will just be a secondary way of getting any late breaking information out if certain sites go down. Also this category will cover release date information for Bara Games (Gay Erotic Games) and Comic/Manga releases.

It should take some time to assemble all of the Japanese artist/programmer blogs to keep track of what they’re working on. If you are working on a game or announcing a game that Bara fans would love, be sure to submit a suggestion and we’ll post it up right away.

It’s a great idea to have a nice list of things coming out since that information is kind of hard to find.

miniReview: Borderlands 2

Game: Borderlands 2
Publisher: Gearbox
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Notes:  It may be difficult to find friends around your level.

First person shooters are my weakest area. How did I fare in this game?

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Bara Character: Benkei’s Balls

One of the guys from Twitter sent me to the Japanese Bara image board. (Though I would recommend it as an alternative since Baraspot is down, it’s quite a different environment there, plus the language barrier.) Over there I found this character, “Benkei” from New Getter Robo. He appears to be the funny fat guy of the series who somehow manages to get away with partial male nudity–


Scrolling Fundoshi Scene

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Getting Nude Shepard in Mass Effect 1

Manual Nude Shepard Mod for ME1
Written By Phillip

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Bara Character: Salvador

Bara Character: Salvador

It looks like I’m forced to pick up Borderlands 2 even though I’m a terrible FPS player. I’ll see you guys on Xbox 360 with Gamertag: barachan. Though I’ll mostly be playing with friends and private matches. In the mean time BearThug suggested some artwork by Silencio.

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SoulCalibur 5: Male Stripper Outfits (Custom Characters)

We return to Soul Calibur 5 to take a look at what you can create with the tools of Character Creation. Tony has returned and submitted some new interesting designs you can create through DLC. For additional reading, check out how he made the cock and balls for the previous BaraGamer contest.

Tony Submitted:

Hi everyone, here are some more characters that I have made in Soul Calibur V. Hope these will give you some ideas on your own creations.

Beach Boy

Soccer Boy

The Stripper

That red bow tie seems so inviting! This is just the first part of Tony’s new character creations, we’ll post the second part later this month. More revealing pics after the jump.

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Mailbag #7: Bara Pokemon Team and Norns

Anonymous Asked:

Hey BaraGamer, do you play pokemon? Could we get your advice on the most bara pokemon to flesh out our teams with if you do? Thanks!

When I was younger I used to play Pokemon, but kind of fell out of it. I felt that as I grew older, the games didn’t evolve (no pun intended) with me so I quit playing after Ruby and Sapphire. I’ve seen many Bara Artists draw certain Pokemon in particular, so if it were me, my team would be:

Machoke, Charizard, Ursaring, Slaking, Lucario, Emboar

Emboar is a new one, he gets drawn in all sorts of situations, sometimes taking off his suit. But why talk about Pokemon when the Trainers and Gym Leaders are hunky as hell. Like Chuck for instance…

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