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Mailbag #7: Bara Pokemon Team and Norns

Anonymous Asked:

Hey BaraGamer, do you play pokemon? Could we get your advice on the most bara pokemon to flesh out our teams with if you do? Thanks!

When I was younger I used to play Pokemon, but kind of fell out of it. I felt that as I grew older, the games didn’t evolve (no pun intended) with me so I quit playing after Ruby and Sapphire. I’ve seen many Bara Artists draw certain Pokemon in particular, so if it were me, my team would be:

Machoke, Charizard, Ursaring, Slaking, Lucario, Emboar

Emboar is a new one, he gets drawn in all sorts of situations, sometimes taking off his suit. But why talk about Pokemon when the Trainers and Gym Leaders are hunky as hell. Like Chuck for instance…

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BaraGamer Contest 2 Winner!

Congratulations Werebear! You’ve won!

The first place winner receives $30 worth of Game cards shown on the Contest page list. They will have 2 weeks to reply through the email address they entered the contest with. If not the winnings will be split amongst the second and third place winner. An email has already been sent to the contest winner. The game cards codes will be sent through email also.

You can enter again into future contests by submitting a character you created from any game, 3D modelling, or avatar making service. Though there are no contests running currently, your submission will be entered into the next contest starting sometime in the Fall.

What’s in store for BaraGamer? We’ve had a slew of gaming related posts since the Contest started, and now we’ll return to varied content updates, including bear porn.