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Jonah Maiava Raiding the Rule 34


Prior to Tomb Raider’s release we couldn’t help but notice this stocky supporting character who seemingly came from nowhere. His design is just—I don’t know but it just hits all the right buttons. It makes us wonder if someone from Crystal Dynamics is playing for our team.

With the lack of Jonah fan art out there, Kibura stepped up to the plate to add to the rule 34 pile. You can see it after the jump.

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Our Favorite from the Edmund and Tommy Nude Art Contest

Happy New Year everyone! So this is kinda late but the contest winners to draw Team Meat nude were chosen. It’s an interesting contest to say the least since it’s not everyday you see game developers nude (Although maybe that’s a good thing). Some people were disgusted by the whole thing, but Rule 34 exists on the Internet after all. I hope they hold more contests like this in the future.

Other than Fabrissou’s entry there was another entry that caught our eye.

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Posing your Gay Sims Couples

So one of the cute things to do in the Sims 3 is to pose your models in situations that are not normally available. Unlike Daz3D, you don’t have to pay for each little pose, thank goodness.

Ah, these poses would be cute if they were normally available. I’m sure you guys have laid down near your boyfriend’s crotch at least once. Unless you don’t have one (FOREVER ALONE)

Posing a sim requires the following mods:

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BaraGamer Character: Paul

So this is Paul, he’s tall, dark, and … Hairy. (Created in The Sims 3)

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Tyler Labine Kisses a Dude

I wonder how many bears just creamed their pants.