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LuckyThings Contest Entry

LuckyThings Contest Entry

The Fox Bandages Gear is an outfit that is best reserved for healing wounds out in the wild. It gives off the scent of real foxes which helps ward off wild animals while the wearer relaxes & gets healed over time by the affects of the gear.

The cloth on the back of the gear has the Chaos Symbol on it; dipped in special liquid specifically to ward off harmful activities. Yet; if the wearer actually provokes a wild animal, the wild animal will retaliate. Also; the tail moves along with the wearer…

sohajime’s Contest Entry

Sohajime’s Contest Entry:

All the outfits I designed are made from plants. Straw is generally used to make a lot of tools, but you can use it to make clothes too. The armbands and the pants are made of straw. It can protect him from cuts or scratches and they’re also lightweight and easy to wear. Straw works perfectly as a thread to tie other parts of the outfit too.

Since banana leaves are pretty big, it’s a quick and easy choice to cover parts of his body. The outfit made from it isn’t as durable as straw, but it’s light to carry. Coconuts are a bit durable, they could be used as weapon too. But in the image here, it is helping protect his hands like a wrist band. The coconut tree leaves are pretty big too and as an outfit it could be used as to protect against superficial scratches, (or we could use it like a hulu dancer).

Wood sandals are the easiest to make and the most durable. All of them are light, so he’s not going to lose stamina or speed while wearing or carrying them.

[by sohajime]

BunnyPeeper’s Townseed Contest Entry

First Entry

Second Entry

BunnyPeeper‘s Contest Entry

KaruPanda Townseed Contest Entry

KaruPanda’s Contest Entry

KaruPanda wrote: It is a coat/cape/hat and kilt made of wolf pelt.

This is our third entry! It’s nice we’re starting to see an influx of submissions this week! I think we’ll give you guys a bit more time to draw and design them so you won’t feel too rushed. The new date will be May 15th which should be ample time to find and create outfits. When using the submission form, make sure you post a link to the image itself so we can post it up. Don’t forget to write a short description, it really helps us figure out what type of outfit it is supposed to be.

GMoose Townseed Contest Entry

Leopard Skin by Guardian Moose

The skin and fur of a leopard combined with white tribal markings gives the wearer a bestial look. In addition, there’s two color variations, a pink and a grey snow leopard version.


Naturally our favorite part is the leopard hoody!

Rhino Guard (Second Entry)

SleepBear’s Townseed Contest Entry

Today, SleepBear submitted his contest entry for the Townseed Outfit Design contest. There’s two versions of the outfit, you can check out the naughty version after the jump!

Torn Sash by SleepBear

We were quite surprised by the edited sprite! But whether you are an artist or not, you can still enter the contest. Non artists can find photographs of existing outfits somewhere online and they will be adapted into the game. For contest details, please read here. Don’t forget to submit them either here or tumblr.

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Townseed Outfit Design Contest

Design a baralicious outfit for Townseed.

BaraGamer and Captain Gerbear are proud to announce a new contest! In this contest you will submit images of outfits for males, whether they are drawings of original designs, or photographs of existing ones.

You can submit designs either through the submit form, or through tumblr. These submissions will be forwarded to Captain Gerbear. After they are voted upon, the top three designs will be converted into male outfits for the game.


Submit your Entries
April 14th through May 15th.

Contest Details

  • Submit images of outfits for males:
    (Drawings or Photographs are acceptable!)
  • Contest Entrants will be voted upon.
  • The top three designs will be added into the game as Male outfits.
  • The winners will also have their names added to the game credits.

Submission Details

  • Outfit submissions don’t necessarily have to be decent, but Captain Gerbear reserves the right to cover the character’s junk in accordance with the style of the outfit.
  • The artist reserves the right to make adjustments to the outfit to fit with the color schemes and anatomy of the game.
  • Outfit submissions which are original designs not belonging to the submitting party will be interpreted as an “inspired by” fashion, meaning that he will change the outfit to avoid infringing on another person’s property.


  • Winners will receive a “One Up” Townseed reward. At the base level they will receive a free copy of the game.
  • If they are already a sponsor at 8-bit Funding or become one in the future, they’ll get a “One Up” at the sponsorship level they are on.


  • You must be 18 years or older to enter this contest.

What is Townseed?

  • Townseed is a survival simulation indie game project. Create a shipwreck survivor in the harsh land of Hell’s Cradle, gather resources and other survivors, build a town, fight off monsters, and help it become a nation anyone would be proud to call home.When, what, and how to advance is totally up to you. The game has regular progress builds posted every week, so get in early and watch the game grow!


Outfit Examples