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Townseed Contest Entry Voting


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Here’s an index of all the contest entries for the Townseed Outfit Design Contest. Each entry is assigned a number. When you are ready to vote, click the cast a vote link above.

Contest Entries Complete!

So we should have everyone’s contest entry posted now. The next step is the voting process which we’ll have details about later. Thanks everyone who entered, we weren’t expecting this many entries but I think you guys came up with some interesting concepts. They’ll have to be converted for the game’s sprites so they won’t be exactly the same.

We also have one photo entry posted by Spuug:

Bandana. Versatile: may be worn around head, over face, or around arm. Not suggesting any particular colour or pattern (if any). May be made from a square of any available fabric.

Next up for BaraGamer

  • Mass Effect 3
  • EVE Online
  • Soul Calibur 5.
  • Cosplays

Guardian Moose Contest Entry Part 2

Guardian Moose Contest Entry #3

Guradian Moose’ last minute entries. I have to admit, this one made me think about the inconsistency of Female vs Male armor in videogames. If you think outside of the scope of BaraGamer and its target audience for a bit. A female character could wear something like this (with some modifications of course) and no one would bat an eyelash. At BaraGamer it’s only fair to balance out revealing female outfits with a male equivalent.

But for the age old question of whose butt would you rather stare at while playing an entire game? My eyes seem quite drawn to the shiny derriere.

Guardian Moose Contest Entry #4

Pervyous Contest Entry

Pervyous Contest Entry

Prevyous’ Mesh Onesie outfit. Also check out the blog for some interesting Photoshops guys in underwear.

LeeShoron Contest Entry

Lee Shoron Contest Entry

I am so much better on paper than digital. So the colored portion is only for color scheme. While the drawn portion is more detail
wise. I went for a more shipwrecked pirate get up, simple yet revealing in the torn and shredded areas.

Captain Bonertopia Contest Entry

Captain Bonertopia Contest Entry

Looks like he’s a master of metal and leather, and  made himself a tribal warrior.

DinoHugs Contest Entry

DinoHugs Contest Entry

Something lightweight and bright, sort of like a monk-esque attire

Quite interesting, and yet has fan service too.

Hound Grey Contest Entry

Hound Grey Contest Entry

Outfit idea is based around having very little supplies, so I went  with just having belts, stitches and fur/leather is stuff that the character hunted down.

Star Ringer Contest Entry

Star Ringer’s Contest Entry

Looks like this survivor suffered some clothing damage in the shipwreck. Left with nothing but the shirt on his back, one must make  do.

Ultramooz Contest Entry

Ultramooz Contest Entry

Sorry for using the template instead of drawing an original entry, but  I’m drowning in work these days… Still I wanted to contribute to the  contest so I made…this. Let’s say this guy found some wrestling  singlets washed ashore and decided to make a leotard with it.

I must admit it’s pretty cool! Now we have to wonder who wore those singlets before.