Mailbag #2: Black

Anonymous Asked: The bara rpg art looks cool, but WHY U NO MAKE BLACK CHARACTERS?!

Unfortunately the RPG Maker pool of graphics hardly if ever has black characters. But don’t worry, there will be black characters in this game.

But it would be great if those who are more skilled in making rpgmaker graphics would make minority/ethnic characters readily available for others to use them.

Something like this?

Now as for face graphics… oye..

Anonymous asked: Where could I get naked skins for the Tf2 men? thanks!

Over here!

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  1. Len September 5, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    Now that you brought up that topic, where are the minorities in RPGmaker? I’d like to see more black graphics and portraits. Personally, I have jungle fever, but Mi-chan did bring up a valid point. Bring on all these ethnicities and splendid splendidness

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