BaraGamer Contest 2 Voting

Results on Wednesday

Voting Period

  • Voting period ended

How to Vote on Twitter

  • You can pick any amount of entries you want. Type the letters out and reply to @baragamer.
  • Ex: @baragamer ABC

How to Vote on Tumblr

  • You can simply vote on any amount of entries you want by clicking on a picture and clicking the ♥ icon at the top right corner.

Vote Scoring

  • Each voted entry gains +1 points.
  • Each judge vote gains +3 points.


  • One person is allowed to vote on any amount of entries.
  • You can not vote the same entry multiple times.
  • Only active twitter/tumblr users votes are counted. Their account must have been in use before March 12th, 2012 with posts or tweets.
  • Password protected Tumblr or Private Twitter account votes are not counted unless @baragamer is given access.
  • Contest entrants may vote on any entry they choose to including their own.
  • Contest entrants who neither have Twitter nor Tumblr may vote through the method they contacted BaraGamer.

Voting page



  • There is no need to follow the contest page since it will be closed after voting is over.

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