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BaraGamer Asks: Where did the gun come from?

So have you been enjoying Saints Row 3? Personally I’m not so good with shooters and tend to run into the gunfire and shoot at walls, but at least cutscenes do all the action for us.

Today we semi-introduce our Saints Row 3 almost naked male character Ricky the Stripper, who wears this outfit regardless of the time of day or weather. You can see his character creation in the previous podcast and now you can see him in action!

So we asked tumblr:

Where did the Gun Come From?

and here are the responses:

  • His phat ass
  • The gun is actually a transforming sounding rod.
  • Oh. You know.
  • The Vortex
  • Given his attire, that could only be one… place.
  • Well you see, it begins with some lube and well then…-trails off into a long and vulgar/sexual discription-

If we can answer this question, perhaps we can solve the mysteries of the universe. Unless tvtropes already has an answer.

I must admit the game’s story is pretty wacky. Never takes itself too seriously. You can have the main characters looking all thug daddy gangster, taking no shit from nobody, and the next thing you know…

A big scary naked man pops out of nowhere.

Now if you’re on game consoles like me and want to take a screenshot, you’ll have to wait until the staff posts your screenshots on your account. You can of course submit your own Saints Row The Third screenshots to let the bara world ogle at your creation.

Ricky the Stripper’s Gallery

BaraGamer Character: Grimace

Grimace character

ecamirG submits his sexy red tanned Saints Row 3 character Grimace!

ecamirG writes: This is my Saints Row 3 character, Grimace. He likes arson, explosions, SMGs, and big packages…not a fan of pants. I’m a little disappointed that Volition didn’t add any body hair options, otherwise he’d be a hairy beast.

Wanna see some of the kick ass crazy stuff Saints Row 3 has. See us after the jump!

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Our Favorite Saints Row 3 Bara and Bears

Volition Staff Created. Nude under the robe [+]

Saint’s Row: The Third’s character creator becomes available to the public around November 1st. So today we’ll highlight characters created by those who have early access. Now could you imagine what I’ll create when I get my hands on it. Muhahaha.

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