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Rock’s Hairy Chest

I remember the first time many many years ago when I played Soul Calibur 1, I managed to unlock Rock and instantly he became my favorite character. Back then he wore this minotaur head, his face was always a mystery to me. I seriously don’t recall ever seeing it.

Now thanks to the Internet, I can see his face how it was truly intended.

Since Soul Calibur 1, I haven’t followed the series all the way until the announcement of Soul Calibur 4. What sparked my interest? Well back in the days of Bara on Anonib, images were posted showing Rock with his beard and hairy chest with his face slightly obscured. I guess it was one of the rare times that we’ve seen a hairy chest on a video game character. So instantaneously, we all fell in love with Rock, posted rule 34, and bought the game as soon as it came out.

Up until then, I’ve never really got a close look at Rock’s face. (I realize you guys saw it in Soul Calibur 3, but I never touched that game.) However, once I could finally see it, I was really disappointed. I didn’t realize how much he’s aged since Soul Calibur 1 and how he became this daddy character.

But fear not, thanks to the character customization feature, I made him a bit more tolerable than before. I added a green mohawk to make him look more youthful and removed all of his clothes for my own naughty purposes.

Bara Calibur 4

Now you can see Jerdain in live action! Well I’m not that great of a player but eye candy is eye candy! Besides now I can take screenshots of characters I haven’t even shown you yet!

And perhaps Len’s contest entry wants a rematch?

BaraGamer Character: Berserker

Did you make this? Claim it!

Back in the days when Bara was on AnoniB, this picture was the first to make me decide on getting the game. I haven’t seen a game that would let me make characters like this and wear almost practically nothing. It was also the first spark that made me decide on creating this site.

Custom Soul Calibur 4 Bara

Some more Jerdain, a custom character from Soul Caliber.

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More Jerdain

Jerdain, a custom Soul Calibur Bara character ,gained some slight popularity on tumblr. It’s funny that some of the pictures released so far were from 2008. It tells you how long ago I’ve been planning on making this site. Jerdain mainly uses Cervantes weapons but other fighting styles give far more fancier character poses than that.

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Jerdain Falling

The best images of a Soul Calibur 4 characters are when they get hit and fall to the ground. Their facial expression reminds me of afterglow.
(You know the feeling you get after you finish masturbating.)

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Jerdain Demi-Demon Form

I normally use this form with two handed weapons so people don’t think I’m a pervert, not like it matters anyway. Have some more Soul Calibur 4 Custom Character Bara.

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Baragamer Character: Jerdain

Jerdain from Soul Calibur 4.

If I were entering the Baragamer contest, I’d submit this. Just Sayin’! So ya if you have Xbox 360, you can fight against him naked. Yes, this is exactly how I play.

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