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Skyrim: Male Prostitution

Submitted by Makke

Today we’re checking out the Animated Prostitution mod which gives you the option of having sex with NPCs, It adds an item in your inventory called “AP Amulet of Dibella.” When equipped a new power is added to your power list called “AP Options” which adds several spells, but the one useful to our interests is the “AP Show Me” spell. This spell lets you shoot other NPCs to strip them of their clothing.

When you speak to male NPCs that don’t have any particular relationship with the Dragonborn, you’ll get a few dialogue choices. You can have sex for free, charge him, force him into having sex, or pay him.

NPCs have the option to refuse your offer which will just end the dialogue right there. You’ll have to wait about an hour before making your advances again. However, if he agrees, you can chose to have sex on the spot, or move to a private location.

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Hairy Chests in Skyrim

I think it’s unanimous as to which mod is the best to have the hairiest chest in Skyrim. The nice thing about this mod is how it actually goes all the way down passed the juicy parts.

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Who’s got the Biggest Dick in Skyrim?

macro skyrim mod

How low can you go? Well apparently this new Skyrim penis mod is extra extra large. Yes, this is essentially going into the macro territory and isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Removing NPC Clothes in Skyrim

Gazrj submitted their Skyrim character:

Skyrim console allows you to remove clothes from your same sex spouse. 🙂

Firstly to target another character, go up very very close to them. Press the ~ “tilde” key to bring up the console, click on the person you wish to remove the clothes, then type without quotes “removeallitems” in the console window and press Enter.  It will remove all clothes from the targeted npc.

Revealing Outfits for Male Skyrim Characters

Today Werebear guest blogs about revealing outfits for Skyrim Males:

You can also click on pictures for a larger size

We all know that games tend to have plenty of skimpy outfits for women, but if you look on Skyrim Nexus there have been a number of more revealing gear mods for males popping up all over the place for Skyrim. I’ve installed quite a few over the past week, so I thought for those that may not know about them, I’d share some screens of Kor, my character showing off a few of these great mods.

There are number of people on Skyrim Nexus making a nice range of “revealing” gear for males.

Imperial revealing outfits.

Elven and Ebony revealing outfits.

Fur, Forsworn, Leather revealing outfits.

Nightingale, Thieve’s, Dwarven revealing outfits.

Some simply show more skin, allowing you to have bare chested males, while others reveal much, much more. Some, such as the prisoner clothes and the apprentice and journeyman robes cover everything, but if you happen to get the right angle you will see everything is there anatomically.

I didn’t show everything here, but here are some screens for a good portion of the mod’s I’ve found that help fill the need for more male sex appeal. For those interested in these mods, I would suggest looking into Nexus Mod Manager (found on Skyrim Nexus), as it make installation easy, and allows you deactivate the mods fairly easily should you want or need to. A quick search for “revealing” will give you about six pages to sort through (some are female) of gear that shows off those masculine polygons.

[written by: Werebear]

A Bigger Skyrim Nude Mod

Skyrim Nude Mod (3)

Feeling inadequate ever since you took an arrow to the knee? Want to increase that certain part of the male anatomy? Well try out this new Male Nude Mod for Skyrim created by Sundracon.

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BaraGamer Character: Kor

Kor werebear

Is everyone enjoying the Skyrim nude mod? Well we have some exciting news for you in the next post. Today’s submission is by Werebear with his character Kor.

Werebear writes: My Skyrim character, Kor, some shots of him in all his hairy glory using the male nude mod, and a few more playful shots 🙂

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Nude Muscle Bears in Skyrim

We got another cool submission today for Skyrim. This time all the male NPCs in Skyrim are nude which lead to some interesting results. You can of course click the images or any images on this site for larger pictures.

Submitted by: CrimsonBlood

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Skyrim Nude Orc

The last time I personally played the Elder Scrolls, was Morrowind, the prequel to Oblivion. In that game, rats could kill you easily since the fighting mechanics were so bad. Oh how times have changed. Today, Captain Bonertopia uses the nude mod to submit his nude orc character in Skyrim.

Captain Bonertopia writes: Funny you should post about the Skyrim nude male mod. I have some screenshots of my Orc character. Hope that’s okay, I noticed a non-human character from WoW, so I assume so. I’ve been really into orcs lately

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BaraGamer Character: Yeotaan (Skyrim)


Submitted by Captain Bonertopia

Captain Bonertopia writes: These are of my Nord, Yeotaan. (Dumb name, I know 😛 )

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