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BaraGamer Character: Steve

Tomorrow is the last day to submit entries into the contest! Here’s FrugTug’s Sim’s entry:

frugtug submitted: This is my recent character from Sims 3. His name is Steve, and I am pretty sure he’s gonna be a town whore – so mothers, hide your sons; wifes, hide your husbands! Generations expansion introduced hairy male skins, with insane levels of customization, unavailable in previous fan-made skins. I can hardly leave the character editor…

BaraGamer Character: Denaerk

For our first Soul Calibur character, we wanted to try something different. So we stumbled upon these hooves and chuckled exclaiming no one would ever use these on their character. But then we gave it a shot and decided what the hell. We created a Satyr (or faun) and gave him a bandana, goat horns, glasses, a belt, and the “strap-on penis.” It came out sort of interesting in a way.


His color scheme consists of dark purple, brown, and gold. His alternate costume is pretty much just a coat hanging over him.

You can always get their “O Face” with falling animations.

One unfortunate thing about the chest hair is that you can’t use it with the more revealing underwear. Additionally, certain pre-created characters like Mitsurugi can only use the default underwear. Yet Astaroth, for some reason, can pick a wider assortment of underwear. We don’t know why this was done and it really doesn’t make any sense.


Hairy Chests in Skyrim

I think it’s unanimous as to which mod is the best to have the hairiest chest in Skyrim. The nice thing about this mod is how it actually goes all the way down passed the juicy parts.

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Bara Character: Sweet Tooth


Now it’s time for something really different, a guest post by: Exovedate

The character Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) has gone through many different design variations throughout Twisted Metals long history. In 2012’s Twisted Metal we’ll be seeing the homicidal clown depicted as a muscular power bear, looking to slaughter Dollface, the “one that got away…”

It’s easy to brush over Sweet Tooth’s new look, as Sweet Tooth’s depiction in Twisted Metal Black has eased us into the Ps3’s upcoming Twisted Metal, which is nearly identical, with the exception of Black’s more plump version of the serial killing clown (who’s seen on the right).

But now Sweet Tooth has become my all time favorite video game (or pop-culture in general) bear, keep reading for many more pictures of this intimidatingly sexy large, and in charge human butcher.

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Bara Game: Taiiku Kyoushi Kiwame (Gym Teacher Extreme)

Today we’re playing Taaiku Kyoushi Kiwame Demo or otherwise known as Gym Teacher Extreme / Climax. It is by the studio “Future Games” the guys behind Hunks Workshop. It is an erotic gay visual novel where you unlock scenes and erotic mini games based on your dialogue choices. The main premise is about a student named Kosuke Namiki who came home from school one day to discover a strange package in the mail. Inside was a gay magazine featuring his gym teacher, Nobu Ashizawa, on the cover. He later confronts his teacher, exclaiming, “If you want to keep this a secret, you better do what I tell you.”

  • Title: Gym Teacher Extreme Demo / 体育教師 極 (体験版)
  • Genre: Gay Eroge Visual Novel
  • Artist:ガレオ
  • Content: Play the Prologue and Event Scene
  • Sound Quality: BGM and Voice quality is low in the Demo.
  • Download Demo: 109MB

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Revealing Outfits for Male Skyrim Characters

Today Werebear guest blogs about revealing outfits for Skyrim Males:

You can also click on pictures for a larger size

We all know that games tend to have plenty of skimpy outfits for women, but if you look on Skyrim Nexus there have been a number of more revealing gear mods for males popping up all over the place for Skyrim. I’ve installed quite a few over the past week, so I thought for those that may not know about them, I’d share some screens of Kor, my character showing off a few of these great mods.

There are number of people on Skyrim Nexus making a nice range of “revealing” gear for males.

Imperial revealing outfits.

Elven and Ebony revealing outfits.

Fur, Forsworn, Leather revealing outfits.

Nightingale, Thieve’s, Dwarven revealing outfits.

Some simply show more skin, allowing you to have bare chested males, while others reveal much, much more. Some, such as the prisoner clothes and the apprentice and journeyman robes cover everything, but if you happen to get the right angle you will see everything is there anatomically.

I didn’t show everything here, but here are some screens for a good portion of the mod’s I’ve found that help fill the need for more male sex appeal. For those interested in these mods, I would suggest looking into Nexus Mod Manager (found on Skyrim Nexus), as it make installation easy, and allows you deactivate the mods fairly easily should you want or need to. A quick search for “revealing” will give you about six pages to sort through (some are female) of gear that shows off those masculine polygons.

[written by: Werebear]

Cute Asian Zangief Cosplay

Zangief Cosplay at Comiket

I couldn’t resist! It was the cutest thing ever! Today we’re going to add a new post category called “Bara Cosplay” so in the future if you’d like to share yours or you found any, you can SUBMIT one and it will be added to the list.

[submitted by Vincent, via  yukix]

Hairy Kratos Cosplay

By the gods! This Kratos cosplay is from sexy gaymer Dartrath, who has even more sexy pics on his twitter. If you have any bara cosplay pictures you’d like to send in, click the Submit button now!

Nude Muscle Bears in Skyrim

We got another cool submission today for Skyrim. This time all the male NPCs in Skyrim are nude which lead to some interesting results. You can of course click the images or any images on this site for larger pictures.

Submitted by: CrimsonBlood

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Bara Character: Cervantes

Cervantes is getting a major upgrade in Soul Calibur 5. In the past few games he’s been very zombie like in appearance, but now with his new body, it seems to be a hit among some bara fans. So if you are into Daddy type characters, Cervantes hairy white chest is for you.

Submitted by; Jem