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Bara Character: Sugoroku

Stole this from Sevionus, I couldn’t resist. This character is from Samurai Showdown 6. He’s pleasantly round and is drawn in such a way that it makes you wonder if he was drawn by a bara artist.



Some of the animations are kind of homoerotic.


His outfit is inspired by the Naked Festival and he has a fireworks cannon.

Oh HO!

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Our Favorite Saints Row 3 Bara and Bears

Volition Staff Created. Nude under the robe [+]

Saint’s Row: The Third’s character creator becomes available to the public around November 1st. So today we’ll highlight characters created by those who have early access. Now could you imagine what I’ll create when I get my hands on it. Muhahaha.

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Leather Karok

Submitted by Sevionus

Pool’s Closed due to Men

Some pool shots using the TF2 nude mods. Images created by Cureboltium. Would you like to take a swim?

SimSocializing with BaraGamers

Aaah! Did you feel that earthquake? OH MY GOSH! So today we take a look at a non-Bara game, due to their being only one body type. We sincerely hope they would add some meat to their bodies, but that’s probably something far off.


Ah yes we’ve made it to the Sim Social which has taken up practically all our time, it’s a huge time sink, filled to the brim with bugs. But due to our nostalgia with The Sims 1, and how this game is the only one that brings that style with HQ graphics, we’re pretty much addicted to this game.


The most odd thing about this game is the way my bara friends created their characters. It’s like we were all thinking the same ideas of making an attractive man. Tan + Brown/Black Hair + Beard, that’s the entire Bara formula.

Even had a buddy mention how all of us look like we’re going to the same salon. Seriously!

Being a Sims player for practically  all my life, I find this game very limiting. You can’t just buy a couch, you have to build it. You can’t just buy a room, you need to bug your facebook friends and force them to respond. You need to find materials to level up skills which can take a considerably long time to find.

Did we mention how much we hate this damn girl!

The one thing we absolutely hate is when Barbara shows up and has to inform you that you’ve run out of energy. Yes Barbara, we know!

But for those who haven’t played the game it goes like this. In order to do actions that affect your growth in the game (relationships, skills, experience points), you need to spend energy. You are given a small amount of energy which you can easily spend in a matter of minutes. Every five minutes you get ONE energy point. You can also refill energy by asking friends.

But because of how addicting this game is, and how often you’ll see Barbera, she’s become an inside meme here at BaraGamer:

  • Sorry, I can’t make the bed because I don’t have the ENERGY to do it.
  • Sure I’d help you fix the stove, if I had the ENERGY.
  • Not tonight darling, I don’t have the ENERGY.

Oh and don’t get us started on the bugs. You can request someone to become friends or build a room, but the requests don’t show up after you’ve accepted them. Or at times you may get responses way after you actually need them.

But in all with all it’s glaring faults we find the game to be charming in it’s own way. So if you’d like to friend me let me know!

Karok on the Docks

Submitted by Frank

In underwear naturally.

Gay Dwarf Dragon Age

Suggested by Mattokenzi

Dwarfs from Dragon Age are pretty beefy. I love that they didn’t make them incredibly short like most fantasies. Plus they got a pretty snazzy beard.

TF2 Heavy Nude

This weekend, Cureboltium and I were learning the ropes of figuring out how to make rule 34 of Heavy. So we present this little pack of images we made so far.


Jerdain Falling

The best images of a Soul Calibur 4 characters are when they get hit and fall to the ground. Their facial expression reminds me of afterglow.
(You know the feeling you get after you finish masturbating.)

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Jerdain Demi-Demon Form

I normally use this form with two handed weapons so people don’t think I’m a pervert, not like it matters anyway. Have some more Soul Calibur 4 Custom Character Bara.

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