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SoulCalibur 5: Dad, Demon, and Warrior (Custom Characters)

Dads and Warriors

Another image pack from Tony and his amazing Soul Calibur 5 men — with dick attachment of course! This image series comes with a bonus Tekken 6 nude edit of Miguel. More pictures after the jump.

By manipulating some of the objects around, you can create cock and ball attachments for your custom characters. Tony explains what objects he used in a previous post.

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Adding Male Bulges to Soul Calibur 5 Characters

Tony submitted his Soul Calibur 5 custom character Arab Daddy, using some neat tricks to add a bulge and some extra fuzz on the beard.

Tony wrote: You know it’s very unfair the ladies in the game have an option to manipulate the breast size but the males don’t have nothing to manipulate the bulge they all look like a Ken dolls down there. So I guess we have to use our imagination on our male models.

The bulge can be made with an item located in the equipment section called Bottle Gourd and the beard with the Raccoon Tail. For the bulge you manipulate the Bottle Gourd thickness, length, depth, and angle. Once you are happy with the end result you go to the Colors/Patterns/Sticker section and apply same pattern to the underwear and the Bottle Gourd and presto!!!


We were scratching our heads for a while on how to achieve this beard.

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Mailbag #5: Enslaved Hard Drive

It’s mailbag day! Let’s see what our friends asked!

But first, I recently had a hard drive failure, which probably occurred because it was overheating while playing a game on the bed. So I’ve elected to purchase a laptop cooler and monitor the hard drive temperature more often. Although I lost most of my stuff,  the bara game was salvaged, with some progress lost, but nothing major.  Luckily most of the contest entries are online so that stuff is saved. So because of this I have to redo the entire SR3 podcast and push it back further.

The next games in the lineup are Soul Calibur 5 and  and SSX 2012, and Enslaved with another BaraGaming night on Xbox. I asked Grimace to cover Kingdoms of Alamur and Mass Effect 3 since it’s full of bara goodness!

I have a few gayming articles in the pipeline that should be up this month, and a baragamer interview with Kranxa. So even with a HD crash, we go right back to work on the same day.

vatolobo asked: So who is the man behind the site, and what do you look like?  What about a short bio of yourself?

Me?! Due to feedback I changed the site’s focus from less personal topics to more gaming articles and gamers who make up the Bara Gaymer community. But if you really must know, I’m a student who just started the  network administration field who’s slowly learning the inner workings of Linux. I’ve been blogging since I started college many many years ago and created some popular blogs in their own niche. I recently started game blogging translating Japanese into English talking about one particular game to the tiniest detail. From here on, I plan to retire some blogs because they are a bit time consuming and work on smaller sites.

BaraGamer was started to fill a void in the gamer community. If women can wear revealing outfit in video games and game conventions, why can’t men? We are here to supplement (but not replace) the other gaymer sites around as we will focus on videogames they can’t really discuss in detail due to pornography and such. This site is also bear and beard lover friendly and we encourage them to visit too!

Mike suggested: This is Monkey from the game Enslaved. I’m obsessed.

Me too! Don’t worry I haven’t ignored your request, I want to actually record this game myself so… you know… I can do my own screencaps and sexy scenes. There’s also a chubby guy in the game I see. :3


The next Bara Daddy “Joel” in the Last of Us!

Scrax suggested: Check out Naughty Dog’s new post-apocalyptic daddy.  I approve!

Oh Naughty Dog!  I never really noticed them until the whole what if Drake is gay articles started popping up.  I don’t think I can cover this game with it on PS3, but if anyone else wants to take screenshots, and a mini review send them in!


Revealing Outfits for Male Skyrim Characters

Today Werebear guest blogs about revealing outfits for Skyrim Males:

You can also click on pictures for a larger size

We all know that games tend to have plenty of skimpy outfits for women, but if you look on Skyrim Nexus there have been a number of more revealing gear mods for males popping up all over the place for Skyrim. I’ve installed quite a few over the past week, so I thought for those that may not know about them, I’d share some screens of Kor, my character showing off a few of these great mods.

There are number of people on Skyrim Nexus making a nice range of “revealing” gear for males.

Imperial revealing outfits.

Elven and Ebony revealing outfits.

Fur, Forsworn, Leather revealing outfits.

Nightingale, Thieve’s, Dwarven revealing outfits.

Some simply show more skin, allowing you to have bare chested males, while others reveal much, much more. Some, such as the prisoner clothes and the apprentice and journeyman robes cover everything, but if you happen to get the right angle you will see everything is there anatomically.

I didn’t show everything here, but here are some screens for a good portion of the mod’s I’ve found that help fill the need for more male sex appeal. For those interested in these mods, I would suggest looking into Nexus Mod Manager (found on Skyrim Nexus), as it make installation easy, and allows you deactivate the mods fairly easily should you want or need to. A quick search for “revealing” will give you about six pages to sort through (some are female) of gear that shows off those masculine polygons.

[written by: Werebear]

Daddy and Cub

Cub and Daddy duo, Rusty and Ace, go at it in this photoshoot from StockyDudes.com. There’s even a facial at the end of the video.

(via stockydudes)

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