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SoulCalibur 5: Dad, Demon, and Warrior (Custom Characters)

Dads and Warriors

Another image pack from Tony and his amazing Soul Calibur 5 men — with dick attachment of course! This image series comes with a bonus Tekken 6 nude edit of Miguel. More pictures after the jump.

By manipulating some of the objects around, you can create cock and ball attachments for your custom characters. Tony explains what objects he used in a previous post.

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Dick and Balls Accessories For Soul Calibur 5 Character Creations

Tony Tony Tony… I don’t know how you do it.  This is the wildest Soul Calibur 5 submission I’ve ever seen.

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BaraGamer Character: Bassineos

Oh yes, there’s more Soul Calibur 5 submissions! His name is Bassineós using the soul of Cervantes.


This is my SC V character in detail. Tattooed, pierced and ready to slash those nasty opponents into pieces 🙂 Based on myself, but damn, wish I just looked like him.

I think he turned out pretty cute, very nice balance of tribal tattoos on the front. Something I haven’t really thought of doing before was adding nipple piercings. Nice suggestion!

Love the scorpion placement. 😉

BaraGamer Character: Esau

The deadline for this contest is over, so any submissions received onward would be placed into the next contest which would probably start in the fall of ’12. We’ll probably start the voting process in March since there’s a few submissions not yet posted because they are tied to articles.

Here’s another City of Heroes character called Esau, a muscle bear biker. Wouldn’t mind being rescued by him.  😉


Adding Male Bulges to Soul Calibur 5 Characters

Tony submitted his Soul Calibur 5 custom character Arab Daddy, using some neat tricks to add a bulge and some extra fuzz on the beard.

Tony wrote: You know it’s very unfair the ladies in the game have an option to manipulate the breast size but the males don’t have nothing to manipulate the bulge they all look like a Ken dolls down there. So I guess we have to use our imagination on our male models.

The bulge can be made with an item located in the equipment section called Bottle Gourd and the beard with the Raccoon Tail. For the bulge you manipulate the Bottle Gourd thickness, length, depth, and angle. Once you are happy with the end result you go to the Colors/Patterns/Sticker section and apply same pattern to the underwear and the Bottle Gourd and presto!!!


We were scratching our heads for a while on how to achieve this beard.

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Gayming with Soul Calibur 5

Glorious chest hair porn!

So we’ve been playing Soul Calibur 5 for a few days now, checking out the various modes and customization features. Overall the game is pretty difficult.

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BaraGamer Character: Denaerk

For our first Soul Calibur character, we wanted to try something different. So we stumbled upon these hooves and chuckled exclaiming no one would ever use these on their character. But then we gave it a shot and decided what the hell. We created a Satyr (or faun) and gave him a bandana, goat horns, glasses, a belt, and the “strap-on penis.” It came out sort of interesting in a way.


His color scheme consists of dark purple, brown, and gold. His alternate costume is pretty much just a coat hanging over him.

You can always get their “O Face” with falling animations.

One unfortunate thing about the chest hair is that you can’t use it with the more revealing underwear. Additionally, certain pre-created characters like Mitsurugi can only use the default underwear. Yet Astaroth, for some reason, can pick a wider assortment of underwear. We don’t know why this was done and it really doesn’t make any sense.


BaraGamer Character: Robert

Fabrissou wrote: Robert, my SR3 character

Isn’t he studious? We’re going to be posting the rest of the contest entries so we can have a smooth voting process. The voters will choose their favorite characters on tumblr and twitter so we can decide on a winner! The deadline is February 24th which is about  2-3 weeks from now!   This character was created by Fabrissou in Saints Row 3.

The amount of detail placed in Saints Row The Third’s character creator is crazy. You not only can tweak each and every part of your face, but there’s also racial facial structure differences.

BaraGamer Character: Oni and Enma

Oh, another Soul Calibur 5 post? This time it’s ultramooz custom character Enma and Oni. Oni is obviously the red demon! Anyway, BaraGamer plans to get the game later this month so we can do some online match recordings! What characters will we create? That should be kind of obvious.


We love the fiery central theme of this character… and the booty.

Oni sports the traditional Japanese demon garb,
a tiger skin loincloth and a clubbed weapon.

Though we wouldn’t mind stuffing our face into that man chest!

It looks like you can now take screenshots within the Playstation version’s character creator. So it should be really easy for you to get high quality screenshots if you are entering the contest.