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BaraGamer: Vatolobo

vatolobo headder

Today’s BaraGamer interviews the man behind the Orc, Vatolobo!

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The Tails Beard

Happy New Years Bears!

As much as I am a huge Sonic Fan… NOT SURE IF WANT. I have a feeling a certain bear tumblr will reblog this.

And done!

Draw Edmund McMillen Nude!


If you draw him nude and win you get a Wacom Tablet!

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Cuddly Fuzzies

Can’t forget about the bears!

Reblogged from Kraxna

Maybe I should do a gamer interview with him.

Bara Character: Breda

Heymans Breda (78)

Even though Bara is technically a wide range of body types from skinny to muscular to chubby, the main point behind the term is to depict manly men. Breda falls under the chubby bara, or sometimes coined Gachi Debu, which is a derivative of Gachi Muchi. The word “debu” means fat/chubby/obese.

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Daddy and Cub

Cub and Daddy duo, Rusty and Ace, go at it in this photoshoot from StockyDudes.com. There’s even a facial at the end of the video.

(via stockydudes)

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