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Rock’s Hairy Chest

I remember the first time many many years ago when I played Soul Calibur 1, I managed to unlock Rock and instantly he became my favorite character. Back then he wore this minotaur head, his face was always a mystery to me. I seriously don’t recall ever seeing it.

Now thanks to the Internet, I can see his face how it was truly intended.

Since Soul Calibur 1, I haven’t followed the series all the way until the announcement of Soul Calibur 4. What sparked my interest? Well back in the days of Bara on Anonib, images were posted showing Rock with his beard and hairy chest with his face slightly obscured. I guess it was one of the rare times that we’ve seen a hairy chest on a video game character. So instantaneously, we all fell in love with Rock, posted rule 34, and bought the game as soon as it came out.

Up until then, I’ve never really got a close look at Rock’s face. (I realize you guys saw it in Soul Calibur 3, but I never touched that game.) However, once I could finally see it, I was really disappointed. I didn’t realize how much he’s aged since Soul Calibur 1 and how he became this daddy character.

But fear not, thanks to the character customization feature, I made him a bit more tolerable than before. I added a green mohawk to make him look more youthful and removed all of his clothes for my own naughty purposes.

Bara Calibur 4

Now you can see Jerdain in live action! Well I’m not that great of a player but eye candy is eye candy! Besides now I can take screenshots of characters I haven’t even shown you yet!

And perhaps Len’s contest entry wants a rematch?

Bulge Slider

Change has come!

Why couldn’t that other Japanese game implement this?

Tyler Labine Kisses a Dude

I wonder how many bears just creamed their pants.


A scene from Ms. Splosion Man

Submitted by Erik

Wrestler Interview

Wrestler Interview

ぺけぺけぺけですか ?   えええすごいですネ!

For you BaraGamers
Wrestler interview from Everyone’s Rhythm Heaven!

Gay Dwarf Dragon Age

Suggested by Mattokenzi

Dwarfs from Dragon Age are pretty beefy. I love that they didn’t make them incredibly short like most fantasies. Plus they got a pretty snazzy beard.

Karok And The American Bikini

Karok Bikini flag (52)

Karok is back, but this time in an American Flag Bikini to celebrate July 4th. But we here at BaraGamer couldn’t resist wearing this outfit out and about.

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Bald Karok in Underwear

After looking at Drake, I figured I should show Karok bald as well. I usually refer to him as the “Blasian Sensation” just because depending on what hairstyle he uses, his race magically changes.

Enjoy this BORING video of Karok posing in his underwear.