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GachiMuchi Muscle Collection April Fools!

April Fools is just as big over here as it is in Japan. Every year they come up with new ridiculous announcements, some of them are inside jokes which I’d obviously wouldn’t understand. But some are just in your face and bizarre.

Toku Toku BB by GMO, is an internet service provider that covers pretty much a variety of things including VPS. They started their own social game called Muscle Collection. Well actually according to them it’s not really a Social Game, it’s a “SoshaGe” which is just an abbreviated form of the phrase.

For this game’s minimum specs they recommend some really really expensive computers.

In this game you spin Gachapons, (a Gacha is the toy vending machine you see near stores) and collect muscular men with various names and special moves. There’s two Gachas, the first one they claim is for kids… But the SUPER GACHA, is for adults, and my do they get very homoerotic.

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BaraGamer Character: Ricky the Stripper

[Import into Saints Row 3]

Today is a short post featuring Saints Row 3 custom character “Ricky The Stripper“. He’ll also be featured in an upcoming video overview of the game in the next podcast. He wears an extremely small purple thong and a purple hat. He is the spiritual descendant of another character from a Japanese online game.

Since Saints Row 3 uses live cutscenes, you get a nice high quality view of your character with facial expressions and dialogue. However the facial expressions themselves do not match up quite well with my character in particular, and very often he has a surprised dazed look on his face.

[gachimuchi/chubby video]

It’s nice to compare how the character looks with different body types. You can download the cutscene above with both body styles.

If you want to download Ricky The Stripper into your own game, login to SaintsRow3 and follow this link. If you lose that link just search for the tag [bara] and he’ll show up. The gallery below has the regular and chubby version of this character featured in the booty dance gif.