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Ultramooz Contest Entry

Ultramooz Contest Entry

Sorry for using the template instead of drawing an original entry, but  I’m drowning in work these days… Still I wanted to contribute to the  contest so I made…this. Let’s say this guy found some wrestling  singlets washed ashore and decided to make a leotard with it.

I must admit it’s pretty cool! Now we have to wonder who wore those singlets before.

Create Hunky Men in Kingdoms of Amalur

ultramooz submits his Kingdoms of Amalur characters.

These characters were created in the “Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning” demo on PS3, and it made me want to try the full game!

Sadly you can’t undress them more than that, but there is a PC version and the maybe some mods will help our naughty purposes

But as a special treat, Grimace has written up a mini review of the full version, check it out in the next post!

BaraGamer Character: Oni and Enma

Oh, another Soul Calibur 5 post? This time it’s ultramooz custom character Enma and Oni. Oni is obviously the red demon! Anyway, BaraGamer plans to get the game later this month so we can do some online match recordings! What characters will we create? That should be kind of obvious.


We love the fiery central theme of this character… and the booty.

Oni sports the traditional Japanese demon garb,
a tiger skin loincloth and a clubbed weapon.

Though we wouldn’t mind stuffing our face into that man chest!

It looks like you can now take screenshots within the Playstation version’s character creator. So it should be really easy for you to get high quality screenshots if you are entering the contest.

Lumberjack Edgemaster [Soul Calibur 5]

So first we had Cervantes leather outfit and now Edgemaster is reimagined into a gruff lumberjack.

[submitted by ultramooz]


Turning Cervantes into A Leather Daddy [Soul Calibur 5]

Leather Daddy Cervantes 1b

The first in a series of Soul Calibur 5 related posts.  If you loved Cervantes bare chested pirate outfit, try out this one for size. Ultramooz reimagined Cervantes into a leather daddy god, equipped with a few “special attachments.”

[submitted by ultramooz]

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