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Show Your Roe: Bara Gallery

A few weeks after FFXIV came out, I unearthed a thread aptly titled “Show You Roe.” It was pretty straight forward, just upload a picture of your Roegadyn and be on your merry way. Until you dig deeper and realize certain people with certain preferences posted their characters in more.. provocative poses.

So I tried to do something in a similar vein to Orctober; create a month long event called Roevember to celebrate the most underappreciated race in the game. Just look at the statistics, 7% of all players play as a Roegadyn. Unfortunately Roevember fell apart as everyone is spread out on different servers. Trying to get a group together was quite challenging. But I’ll try again next year, firstly by promoting several groups.

Bara / Bear Linkshells and Free Companies

(Be sure to contact the group masters to join the Linkshell/Free Company)

Just keep in mind that it’s not a requirement to play as a Roe in any of these groups. ¬†Since my characters exist across several servers, it would be super swell to assemble a group of people for a photoshoot in the summer. If you’d like to add your group to the list, please comment, and I’ll try to meet up with you during the summer event.

With that squared away, on to the pictures!

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Draw Edmund McMillen Nude!


If you draw him nude and win you get a Wacom Tablet!

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TF2 Bara (2nd Pack)

Here’s the second set of TF2 bara made by Cureboltium and I. I got some requests for Heavy x Demo pairings so I guess I’ll do them another day.

TF2 Heavy Nude

This weekend, Cureboltium and I were learning the ropes of figuring out how to make rule 34 of Heavy. So we present this little pack of images we made so far.


Found Breda Porn

Reblogged from todayilust4

BlazingCheecks drew Breda from Full Metal Alchemist,
and has now fulfilled our meme.

Strange coincidence. Hmm.

Moar Largo Bara

Takezamurai, the artist for Sugar Shooter is releasing Hanraku 6 at Otoko Matsuri 2 for about 1000 yen. Just by going through the list of characters available, we see Largo, Jack from Madworld, Daisuke from Pangya, Dogi from Ys, Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny.

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Jerdain Falling

The best images of a Soul Calibur 4 characters are when they get hit and fall to the ground. Their facial expression reminds me of afterglow.
(You know the feeling you get after you finish masturbating.)

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Jerdain Demi-Demon Form

I normally use this form with two handed weapons so people don’t think I’m a pervert, not like it matters anyway. Have some more Soul Calibur 4 Custom Character Bara.

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Bara Character: Kalok


Kalok is a character race in Mabinogi Heroes, a perfect race for any bara gamer! Though if he’s too big for your tastes, there’s other slimmer races that are still considered Bara.

Kalok is coming 6.15.2011 to Vindictus!
See you soon!

Suggested by Judex

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Bara Character: Rider Iskander


Rider (Iskander) from Fate/Zero

Updated 6/10/2011

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