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Fate Zero Iskandar is Hunky

Updated October 16th

Oh but didn’t we already feature Iskandar? Yes, but now that Fate/Zero anime premiered this month, we get to see him in his animated form. Although I’m not incredibly happy with the way his face was designed, his body is still pretty gorgeous.

And here’s his foot if you like that kinda thing.

Recently I had to write a little article about the Fate series but I was confused about each character having the same name, not realizing they were different people. So even though  Iskandar is referred to as Rider, there’s also another Rider who looks nothing like him.

So I decided to jump head in, and I have to say it’s OK. I know a lot of people obsess over the series but it’s too early in to know how long I’ll continue to watch. I think I do like the aspect of having characters from ancient times trying to adapt in the modern world. But with this show I feel as if you’ll have to watch the previous series to understand some of the characters.

The animation is done by ufotable, a name I’m pretty familiar with since they did Tales of Xillia.

I also have to say, watching this on Nico Nico was pretty hilarious. Nico Nico has this thing where comments show up at the specific time you sent it. So when Waver (the guy in black in the screenshot above) gets bitch slapped by Iskandar, someone wrote, “Chris Brown left a bad influence.”


And speaking of Iskandar, he’s the daddy character, full of pride, strong, and wants to conquer everything. I think he pretty much fits in with the Bara type casting, so I guess I’ll primarily watch scenes featuring him. Sorry I’m not interested in the loli characters, they’re everywhere already.

Oh you don’t have to stare..

So the third episode gives some slight fan service in that Iskandar’s muscles are exposed. In addition, he gets a little bit too close to comfort to Waver. I’m not sure if that was intentional for a certain fan base.

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Found Breda Porn

Reblogged from todayilust4

BlazingCheecks drew Breda from Full Metal Alchemist,
and has now fulfilled our meme.

Strange coincidence. Hmm.

Bara Character: Largo

largo (18)

Largo Potter from Valkyria Chronicles

Suggested by Judex

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Tiger and Bunny Bara


Kotetsu of Tiger and Bunny became a cult hit. Naturally he got rule 34’d into some muscular drawings.

Updated 4/27/2011!

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