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So today we take a look at the Wrestle Fight Demo, which was released sometime in January but exclusively for Comket attendees. Recently the Web demo was released to the public, it’s shorter than the comiket version but you at least get some scenes.

WrestleFight was created by Yojohonteki who was the original creator of the rugby romance simulation game Katekyo. Wrestle Fight takes place in the same universe as that game including some very familiar faces. WrestleFight is a raising simulation/card battle game.

The game stars Hinode Ryuta, he’s the one on the left. He left his hometown after he graduated highschool and entered Raito University as a freshman. On a whim he joined the wrestling club.

The guy on the right, his name is Oota. He’s pretty big, hence his name, and also a freshman. Since his youth he’s been wrestling at the police’ dojo. Originally he came from a small underpopulated village. Since he had no friends around his age, he’s doesn’t really understand how to make friends.

Throughout the game you will increase stats by visiting places specific places, and will also train kids to wrestle in a card battle game. But I’m more of an event scene kind of guy so you can skip coaching by choosing the top option when you are at the gym.

Other than the main character, my favorite guys so far are these two. The  one in the center is called Kuramae, he’s a sophmore and a member of the sumo club. Then my absolutely favorite darker bearish guy is called Ryougoku, and he’s a junior. Mmmm!

Ya who falls asleep during a blow job? I guess he’s had a long day.

Triggering events with different characters is based on your stats (well it’s just a part of the whole equation.) In this case, having high strength can trigger that event seen above.

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    download link pLZ

  3. Keough June 18, 2015 at 11:47 pm #

    i have this game… once iv worked on translating it but its a lot of work and i cant do alone lol and dropped it

    • angel June 21, 2015 at 12:23 am #

      you mind making a torrent of the game 😀

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