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BaraGamer Character: Denaerk

For our first Soul Calibur character, we wanted to try something different. So we stumbled upon these hooves and chuckled exclaiming no one would ever use these on their character. But then we gave it a shot and decided what the hell. We created a Satyr (or faun) and gave him a bandana, goat horns, glasses, a belt, and the “strap-on penis.” It came out sort of interesting in a way.


His color scheme consists of dark purple, brown, and gold. His alternate costume is pretty much just a coat hanging over him.

You can always get their “O Face” with falling animations.

One unfortunate thing about the chest hair is that you can’t use it with the more revealing underwear. Additionally, certain pre-created characters like Mitsurugi can only use the default underwear. Yet Astaroth, for some reason, can pick a wider assortment of underwear. We don’t know why this was done and it really doesn’t make any sense.