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Bara Character: Benkei’s Balls

One of the guys from Twitter sent me to the Japanese Bara image board. (Though I would recommend it as an alternative since Baraspot is down, it’s quite a different environment there, plus the language barrier.) Over there I found this character, “Benkei” from New Getter Robo. He appears to be the funny fat guy of the series who somehow manages to get away with partial male nudity–


Scrolling Fundoshi Scene

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Bara Character: Sugoroku

Stole this from Sevionus, I couldn’t resist. This character is from Samurai Showdown 6. He’s pleasantly round and is drawn in such a way that it makes you wonder if he was drawn by a bara artist.



Some of the animations are kind of homoerotic.


His outfit is inspired by the Naked Festival and he has a fireworks cannon.

Oh HO!

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