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Baragamer Podcast: 02


So you’ve waited long enough and it’s finally here, the second podcast! This time the podcast is slightly longer than before but  it goes through a range of topics from clean to dirty. Also I fulfill two requests made by visitors from this site.  You can DOWNLOAD it here.

  • BaraGamer Podcast Contents:
    • Quick E3 recap
    • Gay Pride
    • Bears, Bears, and more Bears
    • Barachan speaking Jamaican
  • Music
    • Yaschas Massif



Baragamer Podcast: 01


Oh lawdy, the first podcast. Barachan talks about his own history of the Bara community, his discovery of japanese artists, and what eventually led to the creation of this site. You can listen to the podcast here or download it.

  • Music
    • Broke For Free – My always Mood