Bara Game: Specie and Chimera: First Details

Game: Specie and Chimera
Status: In development

Back in December, Senga Migiri announced a new game titled Specie and Chimera. The main protagonist was dispatched by a public works company to help restore a zoo that was once forced to shut down due to financial troubles. This will mainly be a solo project for Senga Migiri, whom, aside from the music, will be handling the art, programming, and storytelling.


Specie and Chimera

The characters from left to right, excluding the horse are:

  • Tadashi (Main Protagonist & New Zoo Director)
  • Mitora (Species [Purebreds] Researcher)
  • Yousuke (Bird Researcher)
  • Ketas/Cetus
  • Souma
  • Ryuma (Chimera [Hybrids] Researcher)
  • Baku (Former Zoo Director)

Most of their names allude to an animal or chimera, like ‘Hawk’ in Yousuke’s name, or ”Dragon’ in Ryu’s. As for that one creepy dude, his name is Yamada, he’s a janitor who always wears this horse mask for some reason. This should make for some awkward but interesting cut-scenes.

No release date given, but we’ll have more details about the game once a demo is released.


Specie and Chimera Concept

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4 Responses to “Bara Game: Specie and Chimera: First Details”

  1. wohdin February 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    Yes. I’m so glad you made this post, because I kept wondering what this was all about. (I could have just read the Japanese information but that would be slow and I’m lazy lol)

    This reminds me of Hunks Workshop somewhat – at least in the sense of being “sent” to “fix” a “place” that’s falling apart financially. And hot-damn, Senga Migiri!

    • barachan February 13, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

      Heey It took me hours man… hours.. @_@

  2. Hyou Vizer August 22, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    anybody know where the CG for this game is?


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