BaraGamer: Vatolobo

Today’s BaraGamer interviews the man behind the Orc, Vatolobo!

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a Werewolf Ninja Pirate Orc Cholo, living the life of a Japanese Buddhist Zen Monk! Or at least that’s some of the things I wish I could be ha ha ha! But for realz, I’m a 31 year old Puerto Rican/American gaymer bear who is a pretty pervy, yet still an intellectual guy. I’m partnered to a wonderful Puerto Rican bara fan and gaymer bear going on 6 years now. We play games together and go to conventions together.

I really get excited to chat about things like physiology, sociology, philosophy, religion, and ancient cultures with people one on one. Though in public forums you will see me mainly talking about video games and hot guys and the dirty things I wanna do to them. I can be quite piggy, OINK! I can be an attention whore, but I’m not an ego maniac. I’m judgmental free and make friends with people because of their personalities, not because I find them attractive or not. I really like helping people out, even if its just listening to their issues and giving advice.

What Offline Games do you play?

HUGE fighting game fan, Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Blazblue, you name it, I will play it! 😀 My favorite retro series’ are Castlevania, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, and Metroid. I still love me some 2D Platformers. Also big into other series like Zelda, Gears of War, Tenchu, Metal Gear, Dark Souls, portal. I also enjoy very difficult “baby punching” games (so frustrating it will make you wanna punch a baby!) like Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, and Trials HD.

Vatolobo’s SWTOR character

What Online Games do you play?

Right now, mostly Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends (400+ wins), Magic The Gathering, and your random fighting game here and there. I am willing to try something new with someone if they wanna play with me as long as it’s not an MMO, only one of those at a time please! :3

Your favorite Bara/Bears:

Oh boy, the first person, real or fictional, I had ever masturbated to was E. Honda from Street Fighter II. It really turned me on to see his huge red bulge in his fundoshi when he fell. Zangief is pretty hot too. Dom Santiago, and Cole train from Gears of War are another 2 I would love to be in the middle of. I have a huge thing for Orcs as well, and while I am a fan of World of Warcraft, I gotta say the ones from Allods Online are way hotter! 😀

What characters do you cosplay as?

The Orc is my favorite for sure. It brings out the whole manly brutish no apologies attitude in a homoerotic kind of way for me. The Biker Scout would be my 2nd favorite, because ever since I saw Return of the Jedi as a little kid, I wanted to be a Biker Scout riding a speeder! Not to mention, you should see how happy wearing that costume makes so many people of all ages and walks of life. I also used do that for charity with 501st for the Make a Wish Foundation, but time constraints of deterred that lately.

My last favorite would be the Monk, I also have a huge hard on for Japanese Buddhist monks. Historically, some of them were known for their sodomy between each other ;3. I also love the confusing look on people’s faces like, “Is he a for real Monk, or is this a costume?” All of my costume pieces for that one are from Monk outfitters in Japan, minus the orange shaw which my mom made. In general, I like dressing up as things that are less common, and make people go either “Wow!” or “WTF!?” If I don’t get a reaction, then I know my costume is boring. 😛

Describe your transformation process into an Orc.

The Orc thing is still a work in progress.  I have yet to find good body paint that lasts a long time.  Been using green cream body make up that’s horrible because it dries up and peels within 2 hours or less.  Well horns aren’t really Orc-ish as much as they are Ogre-ish. I was lacking green paint for Dragon Con, so the horns added that extra monster look since my skin color was normal.

When I do have paint, I usually get a friend. I strip naked, and they get to work rubbing me down with the green paint. It’s a fun process!;) Next I just get some Polygrip or Fixodent for my tusks and pop them in. Most of the time I do not paint my entire body green. Whatever outfit I will be wearing that hides skin, I will leave that.

One day though, I might do a porn as an Orc.  I think staining my nether regions with food coloring might do the trick as a safe paint alternative.  But once I am finished, I really get into the mind set of what ever character I might be portraying, so when I am an Orc, I act like it!


Describe any cool experiences at cons:

I got to meet the J-Rock band Uchuu Sentail Noiz at Animazement, and they really liked my Chinese Hopping Ghost outfit. So I got the bass player to wear my hat when they played their entire set later that night! I was very honored.

At Dragon Con, I met this guy at the gay party who, like me, was into martial arts. I was very drunk, and I wanted to show him how high I could kick. I can kick very high by the way, so high that my shorts ripped on my inner thigh area in a HUGE L shape. Instead of going back to change, I was like, fuck it.

All the bears there seemed to enjoy the easy access anyways! 😛 That was a drunken night of making out with too many bears to count.
Ah DragonCon…

Your thoughts on Bara?

I am a huge fan of bara!  I had, (before my hard drive died) a small collection of jpg files of not only the comics (some translated at that) and just random art.  I also draw some bara myself, though I’m not very good at it.  I have some stuff at LunarFlare, but I am not exclusively into furry art, as I like to draw and appreciate drawings of humans and monsters as well.
I just like art where guys are big, beefy, chubby, and or hairy! 😀

Thanks again for giving me this opportunity!  Its always fun to share how twisted my mind is with the rest of aspiring gaymer bears and cubs! 😉  I hope I can be an inspiration for people to cut loose, and not be afraid to express who they are and what they like openly like I do, even if its just at a convention.

Vatolobo on Tumblr

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    He is a keeper, totally!

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    Hubba hubba!

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