Bara Character: Sweet Tooth

Now it’s time for something really different, a guest post by: Exovedate

The character Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) has gone through many different design variations throughout Twisted Metals long history. In 2012’s Twisted Metal we’ll be seeing the homicidal clown depicted as a muscular power bear, looking to slaughter Dollface, the “one that got away…”

It’s easy to brush over Sweet Tooth’s new look, as Sweet Tooth’s depiction in Twisted Metal Black has eased us into the Ps3’s upcoming Twisted Metal, which is nearly identical, with the exception of Black’s more plump version of the serial killing clown (who’s seen on the right).

But now Sweet Tooth has become my all time favorite video game (or pop-culture in general) bear, keep reading for many more pictures of this intimidatingly sexy large, and in charge human butcher.

I was greeted to an icon version of this image above advertising the latest episode of ‘Qore’ which I get to download free (being a Ps+ member) it didn’t take me longer than 2 seconds to have Qore downloading, because I had to see this shockingly erotic image in full.

I’ve always pictured Sweet Tooth as the gross Twisted Metal clown, I think that’s generally what David Jaffe’s team was going for in previous titles. But in Ps3”s Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth is poised more as a vicious, dangerous, and brutal serial killer. Which translates into one hell of a hot, beefy, and fairly kinky bear for those of us who love to oggle at large male bodies.

Speaking of kinky, you’ve gotta love that leather harness Sweet Tooth is wearing, really compliments his muscles well.

Sweet Tooth without the makeup.

Some will say having sexual fantasies about video games is moronic, because video game characters are almost always fictional, and a game character’s polygons are essentially the grand children of Crash Bandicoot.

Regardless of your view (though I’m thinking you’re on my side, being on a site like this) you can still enjoy Sweet Tooth in cut-scenes since he’s depicted by an actor, who we even get to see in story mode without all the erotic homicidal clown gear. But whether he’s a road raging clown or not, Sweet Tooth’s actor is a handsome dude I’d fuck in a second.

Maybe it’s just because we’ve grown old with Sweet Tooth, and we’re not used to seeing him suddenly flex his savage good looking body, but I like what I see, and can’t wait to take a stab at Twisted Metal with Sweet tooth come Valentines day.

Crude, and classy; professionally profane: Exovedate is the owner, and writer of Fucked Up, where he reports on the best in M rated, sexual, good gory, hilarious, controversial, games and culture.

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3 Responses to “Bara Character: Sweet Tooth”

  1. Exovedate January 27, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Ha ha, am I the only twisted son of a bitch who finds Sweet Tooth hot?

    • Sevionus January 28, 2012 at 12:40 am #

      NOPE, I find him hot to bub~

  2. Sevionus January 28, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    I agree with all this 100% XD

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